Your mindset is the one thing that can either make you or break you. You can have a million-dollar idea but, if your mindset isn’t right, you are going to struggle to gain traction, and you may even find yourself giving up at some point. It’s silly to think that simple thought, or shall we say negative thinking can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from making any progress at all. When I am brainstorming something big or working on something big, I often find myself feeling overcome with dread at the possibility of failure. That feeling at one point completely took over and prevented me from moving forward for almost a month. Eventually, I had to knock myself back into place and change my mindset. This is why people such as Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Cara Alwill Leyba concentrate so much on creating a mindset that helps them succeed and grow.

Once you change your mindset and your beliefs, you change as a person. You could even possibly see life clearer with more vibrant colours. The power in a positive mindset and a strong belief in yourself holds tremendous power. If you want to move forward in life and succeed, you need to transform your mind. And you need to start believing in yourself.

There are five simple steps you can upgrade your mindset, and they are simpler than you think. We tend to complicate things, but these steps are super easy and will work if you use them daily.

Change the way you speak to yourself

Have you noticed the way you speak to yourself when you have struggled to accomplish something or even failed at something the first time? The conversations you have with yourself and how you respond to yourself are a direct reflection of what you think you are capable of. If you continuously talk to yourself with negativity, that is the reality you will create for yourself. Instead, try talking to yourself with love, kindness, and understanding. Your reality will change, and your mindset will shift.

What mindset do you need to achieve your goals

What goal are you currently working towards, and what is the mindset you need to achieve that goal? For example, if you are in the process of writing a book, you might want to regularly remind yourself that you can write the book and you are a brilliant writer. You create the mindset and reality you want to make that goal a reality. Act as if you have already written the book or published a book and use that mindset to help you along with the book you are currently writing.

Surround yourself with those that are on a similar path and have a positive mindset

There is nothing worse than feeling so inspired, driven, and ready to make your dreams come true, only to be surrounded by someone that makes you question everything you want to do. Or speak negatively about your dreams, goals, and plans. Instead, surround yourself with those that have a positive mindset, and are supportive and uplift your mindset towards your goals, dreams, and plans. Surrounding yourself with those that are positive and support you will already change the game for you.

Are your daily habits supporting your new mindset

With a new mindset, there needs to be new habits. It’s virtually impossible to upgrade your mindset without making sure you are changing your habits to aid your mindset and the goals you want to achieve. For example, if you are starting your side hustle, you need to ensure you are dedicating the necessary amount of time to making that side hustle successful. If you are coming home only to sit in front of the TV, you aren’t supporting your mindset or habits towards making your side hustle a success. Start small and change small things. Eventually, your mindset and new habits will be automatic.

Step out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. The moment you do this, you will have no option but to upgrade your mindset and step up to the challenge. After all, we all need a little push now and then, and sometimes that little push gets the positive mindset ball rolling.

I am a huge believer that your mindset can either make you or break you and believing in yourself is one of the most crucial aspects to reaching your goals and success. The moment you believe in yourself and your abilities to make things happen, they will happen. Your mindset needs to match your goals, aspirations, and plans. Work at it daily while working on your dreams, and anything is possible.