After a busy week and a quiet car ride to a client on Monday, I decided to listen to one of Cara Arwill Leyba’s podcasts because I needed some inspiration and motivation after a hectic couple of weeks. This particular podcast hit me like a ton of bricks and the thing that hit me like a ton of bricks was this one small thing that she said. She said ”you don’t need someone to pick you, you need to pick you” and Cara is living proof that you can pick yourself and amazing things can happen. Did you know that her first book was rejected by 19 publishers? After it was rejected by the 19th publisher she decided, screw it, and she self-published? She picked herself. She decided she was no longer going to wait for someone else to pick her. She wasn’t going to wait for a publisher to finally come and say ”Ok your book is good enough”. No! She took her life, dreams, goals, and future into her own hands and made it happen.

And now look at her. She is about to publish her 9th book. If she had waited for someone else to pick her, her life would have been so much different.

So after listening to this podcast, it got me thinking. How many of us aren’t picking ourselves but instead we are waiting to be picked by someone else? We waiting for that validation from someone else. We waiting to be picked for that promotion we so desperately want. We are waiting for our work to be recognized and approved by someone else.

By doing this we are allowing someone to have so much power over us and we are completely limiting ourselves. We are limiting ourselves to such an extent that we feel we need to hold back or wait until someone says it’s safe to go. What if we never get that go ahead? What if it ends up being 10 years and we still haven’t been picked? When you could have just picked yourself. We need to stop waiting to be ready because we are never going to feel 100% ready and that’s ok but we should do it anyway.

I want you to remember that you are the creator of your own life. You are the one that says what goes into your life. Don’t allow yourself to feel like you need to be picked by someone else to be validated, feel successful or important. You are already important. Your work is already important. What you have to say is already important and it doesn’t need to be validated by anyone else but yourself.

This is my note to you! Let’s stop needing someone else to pick us. Let’s start picking ourselves. Let’s be badass women that aren’t afraid of taking a chance, putting ourselves out there, picking ourselves, and validating ourselves