We aim to please and we aim to be someone’s cup of tea. In business, in life, and in general, we are taught that the customer comes first, you always need to make an exceptional first impression, or you have to try your utmost to get along with everyone you meet. Truth is, you aren’t always going to be someone’s cup of tea, and it’s time to stop trying to be.

We spend so much time trying to win over those that don’t necessarily want to be won over. They don’t really want to be friends, do business or get to know you, so why do we force it? Because this is what we are taught to do from a young age, and frankly, its something we need to change.

We each have different personalities, and often that means not always being someone’s cup of tea. Maybe they don’t like your ambition, how you talk, or the sound of your voice. No matter what it is, stop trying to be everyone’s cup of tea and instead focus all that energy and time on those you love and want to be around.

I once had a woman completely dislike me. She was one of my best friend’s friends friends. I never knew what I had done to offend her or make her not like me but, what I do know is that the time I spent trying everything under the sun to be her cup of tea, it just didn’t work. Maybe she disliked multiple things about me, and the fact that I kept trying to force a friendship probably just completely put her off but, whatever it was one thing it taught me was that in life you are never going to be everyone’s cup of tea and sometimes you need to stop trying to be.

Take all that energy and put it into a passion project, your business, a book, or anything else but, just stop trying to be someone’s cup of tea when they don’t want you to be. You deserve to be surrounded by those that love you and genuinely want you around, so the moment you feel unwelcome, unsure, or out of place purely because someone is making you feel that way, its time to move on, move up, and find your tribe.

Only go where you are loved, welcomed, and celebrated. This is a rule I live by because I don’t want to be surrounded by those that make me feel unwelcome. If you know what you bring to the table, never settle for being seated at a table that no one will let you speak at. Your voice needs to be heard, and your true tribe will acknowledge that and embrace your voice.

Don’t stress so much over not being someone’s cup of tea. You have a thousand people out there that you could connect and bond with on a whole different level. Find those people and never let them go.