Have you ever found yourself often daydreaming about the things you want? The life you want, the job you want, or the empire you want to create yourself? Me too, and I started listening to those signs.

There is honestly nothing that scares me more than not being able to do what I love, and the thought of not having enough time to dedicate to what I love the most scares me as well. That is where the decision comes in. You need to decide what you want for yourself and continuously go after it no matter the bad days, lack of motivation, or negative feedback from a friend that probably doesn’t support you.

I follow so many female empowerment pages, business pages, and personal development, and the one post that I recently came across that seriously stuck with me read something like this:

You work at a job you are not happy at for an entire year, with minimal time off, only to look forward to two weeks’ vacation a year, and then it’s back to the same routine again.

That was me a year ago before I decided to join my family business which has allowed me the freedom and time to work on my own business and blog. I was petrified, and I know I was lucky to have a family business to fall back on, but even though I had that before I was still coming home every night to work on my blog and business. I would constantly find myself at work, wishing, dreaming, and hoping the hours would pass by just so I could rush home so I could sit in front of my computer for another couple of hours to work on something I was wholeheartedly passionate about.

You owe it to yourself to decide your future and work at it consistently. You deserve to start your morning the way you want to start it, and you should be so inspired, happy, and motivated to get up and do what you do best every day. I am still not 100% there, but I can feel I am getting closer every single day.

If you are ready to decide your future now, ask yourself these important, but powerful questions?

How does your ideal morning start?

What does your day look like in your ideal life?

What is one thing you can give up that will allow you more time to work on your business or side hustle? (could it be sacrificing and hour of Netflix to dedicate an hour extra to your business?

Where do you want to be in the next year?

Where do you want to be in the next five years?

Now, what can you do everyday to bring you closer to that life?

Women need to realise their power and use it to their advantage. You are so powerful, and the moment you step into that power and put it into action, anything is possible. You have a choice, decide your future, work hard at it every day and eventually get there, or dream about it constantly but take no consistent action?

Everything is up to you Babe. It’s time to decide.