I’ve always been fairly independent and self-sufficient. From a young age, I remember my mother telling me to make sure I am an independent woman. I should never rely on a man. Work hard and make sure you can always take care of yourself.

At age 15 I got my first job at a small deli selling pies. Soon I worked my way up to waitressing in their small restaurant. I got my first pay check which was about R200 and I felt independent and responsible. I liked the feeling.

When it was my Matric dance, I babysat 2 kids for 2 weeks just to earn enough money so I could pay for my hair and nails to be done. Once again I was independent and responsible. I liked the feeling.

Woman being financially independent is something I feel very strongly about.  I no longer feel it’s strictly a man’s world. Woman can do a man’s job just as well as a man can do it and we have finally reached that stage where companies are recognizing that.

Why should we work towards being financially independent? Well, why not? Being able to pay your own way and buy that dress just because you feel like it, is something I feel all women should strive for. I personally cannot imagine myself asking my fiancé if he can please buy that dress for me. No way!

These days I think men are looking for women that are financially independent and self-sufficient. They find it attractive. Who doesn’t want a woman that is able to take care of herself? You will feel better about yourself as well knowing that you don’t need anyone and don’t need to rely on anyone.

For instance, Should my Fiancé and I not work out for any reason, I know that I can afford to pay my rent, buy food and pay for traveling etc. and still be ok. It might be a bit of a tight squeeze but I know I can do it. This makes me feel safe and secure. Life happens and we all know anything can happen with regards to relationships and work. Make sure you can take care of yourself.

Financial Independence is not just about saving money and not having to ask for money. Planning for your future as well. Things like Medical Aid, Insurance and retirement funds are part of being Financially Independent. If an unforeseen thing pops up like getting sick or getting into a car accident you don’t have to ask someone for money. You are Financially Independent. When you are older you wont need to rely on a partner to take care of you when you retire because you are Financially Independent.

I love seeing woman being financially independent and self-sufficient. When I meet a woman that is hustling, working hard and taking care of herself, it gives me the motivation and a need to improve myself and work even harder.

These are just a few reasons why woman should be Financially Independent:

  • You like that dress you saw in the window? Well you can buy it because you are financially Independent.
  • You feel like going on a small shopping spree? Well you can because you are financially independent
  • You want to take your man out for a special dinner? Well you can because you are financially independent.
  • You want to pay your way in the relationship? Well you can because you are financially independent
  • You have your own home and you have rent to pay? Well you can because you are financially independent.
  • You want to buy your first car and finally saved up enough money. Well you can because you are financially independent.
  • Should something happen between you and your partner (just being realistic) you are able to take care of yourself because you are financially independent.

Being financially independent gives woman piece of mind and a sense of security. I know it gives me a sense of security. Men have always been expected to be Financially Independent so why cant woman? Push for Independence ladies.

Note: Thank you to Wilma and Angelique(my mom) for giving me their opinions and helping me with why woman should be financially independent.