I think there is nothing more exciting than the possibility of change, new beginnings, new challenges, and the uncomfortable. We are taught to fear change, new beginnings, new challenges, and the uncomfortable but, with all of the new, uncomfortable, and unknown comes tremendous excitement and growth. You are forced to evolve, pivot, and define what you feel is right for you right now at this very moment, and honestly, there is nothing more exciting than evolving and the unknown that comes with it.

The fact that we are taught to fear the unknown is ridiculous, and the moment we decide that the unknown opens up opportunities, growth, and possibility, things start to change and they only ever change for the good when you take some time to look back at how far you have come and all the evolving you have done once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Life never really plans out the way we want it to and for me, I like to think that is the universe playing its part and moving you in the direction you are meant to go in. One thing we often forget is that life has bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves, and that alone should excite the hell out of you because the moment I think about that, I want to get uncomfortable, I want to evolve, and I want to grow because when all of those things happen, you are not only moving in the right direction but, you are becoming the woman you want to be.

Instead of fearing to uncomfortable, why not start embracing the uncomfortable because it can do much for you. The growth it offers is outstanding, and it is something we need to learn to embrace in our daily lives.

We are all becoming the person we want to be, and we wouldn’t be able to work at becoming that person every day if we weren’t open to evolving. You hold enormous power. Your soul, spirit, and thoughts have amazing power but, you need to be willing to tap into the unknown and the uncomfortable to release that power and allow yourself to move in the direction that you should be moving in.

Stop pushing back to the uncomfortable, the new beginning or new challenges, and instead allow them to help you evolve, grow, and become the person you are working so hard to become. Nothing is standing in your way right now other than yourself, and now is the time to get out of your own way and make things happen for yourself.

It’s really now or never. Choose now!