If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. A saying we all know too well and are often told when we speak about our dreams, asking for a raise or wanting that promotion. For many, we are afraid to ask for what we want or what we think we deserve because we are scared the answer is going to be no. Why is it that when we think about our dreams, goals, or getting that promotion we immediately think we are unworthy, and the answer will be no?

With everything going on in our world, now is the time to ask for what you want even when the answer could be no. Reach out to that person and ask to collaborate, email that brand, and introduce yourself or launch your online coaching business regardless of the fear you feel. No matter what it is, there is no time to wait anymore. We may have a worldwide pandemic going on but that does not mean you can’t make your big move or ask for what you want.

As women in business, we are known for never wanting to inconvenience someone. We never want to irritate or feel like we are being a burden, but you aren’t being a burden – you are asking for what you deserve and you do deserve it. You deserve everything you have ever dreamed of, and sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone and ask for it.

Break the status quo, move past the worry of being a burden, and ask for what you want. Why not start focusing on what the possibilities could be if the answer was actually yes. Imagine that brand responds and wants to work with you, or that person wants to collaborate with you and the launch of your coaching business is a complete success, and you gain five new clients in one week. Imagine the possibilities and manifest them into your life. Believe in them so much that the questions and doubts of others cannot rattle you or your belief in yourself and the possibility of that ‘’yes’’ coming your way.

No one has power over you, except you. You have the power to ask for what you want, go after it, and never stop. No one is coming to save you, permit you, or crown you. It’s on you babe. You hold the power to getting everything you want in life.

Now start asking for what you want, work at it, and get to work when all those yes’s start flooding in.