A brand rejected me.

Recently I have been spending countless hours creating content, connecting with people, and working on my blog and brand. I have been reaching out to brands that I feel align with my brand and those that I would love to work with and I just got my first rejection email.

They thanked me for emailing my media kit, appreciated the fact that I reached out to them but told me that they were not interested in working with me. I took some time to read over the email a couple of times to gather my emotions and after reading it for about the 4th time I feel more driven and motivated than ever. Do you know why? Because one rejection does not mean I will be rejected every other time. I knew that the moment I started putting myself out there that there was always going to be a possibility that I would be rejected. And that’s ok. Maybe they didn’t like my brand, maybe I didn’t fit well with their brand or maybe they simply didn’t like my pitch. Either way, I knew rejection would come and I was ready for it and excited for it because regardless of that rejection I still put myself out there. I took the first step, emailed my media kit, introduced myself, and prepared myself for either no reply at all, a rejection, or a collaboration. Rejection is a necessary part of life. It’s a necessary part of the human experience.

And, even though they rejected me now does not mean they won’t want to work with me 6 months from now. Maybe at a later stage, they will be looking to work with a brand similar to mine and because I put myself out there and made the connection they could remember me and connect with me again.

Rejection gives us a new way of looking at things.

We need to stop looking at rejection as a bad thing. Just think about it for a second. If you are putting yourself out there and you have been rejected, you are already one step ahead of the person that is not putting themselves out there at all because they fear rejection. Rejection helps us look at things in a different light. It forces us to grow and we all need growth.

Rejection teaches us to reevaluate ourselves.

When you are rejected you are taught to take constructive criticism, learn from it, evolve, and continue making your magic regardless of rejection. If none of us were rejected, we would never be able to grow as people or grow our brands. Rejection is a necessary part of life and just because you were rejected by one brand does not mean you will be rejected by all brands. You can choose how you look at rejection. Either you can let it get you down and stop you from ever putting yourself out there again or you can accept it, acknowledge it and use it as fuel to drive you even more.

Rejection teaches patience.

In the space of 2 weeks, I have sent over 70 emails trying to connect with other bloggers, brands, and consultancy agencies, and most of the time I don’t even get a response to my email. And that’s ok. We all want that immediate reply or that immediate job offers but life doesn’t work like that. Rejection teaches us that you may not get what you want right away but if you continue working hard, moving past those rejections you will eventually end up where you want to be. It’s all about perseverance.

Rejection motives you to do better.

Have you ever been rejected and all of a sudden you have this burning desire to do better, work harder, and go harder? Yup, rejection will do that to you. When you look at rejection as redirection it motivates you to change things up a bit. Rejection is there to push us to be better and do better. Allow it to do that for you. Let it drive you towards where you want to be instead of keeping you where you are.

Remind yourself that rejection is a part of life and it’s a part that you should welcome with open arms because it forces growth and growth means you’re moving in the right direction. In the direction of your dreams. We all experience rejection at some point in our lives so don’t worry you aren’t alone but how you choose to look at rejection is entirely up to you.