Have you ever come across someone that is so authentically themselves? They are unapologetically themselves and radiate confidence and a passion for life itself? After following numerous entrepreneurs, bloggers, and motivational speakers that I am personally obsessed with, the one thing that I noticed about all of them is the fact that they are all so authentic. They are themselves through and through and people love it. They are inspired and motivated by it.

As time has gone on authenticity has been spoken about more and more and it’s something I feel we all need to practice and strive towards without the fear of what others will say. While we strive to be more authentic we need to remember that there will always be people out there that won’t agree or like what you have to say. They won’t like how authentic you are and that’s fine. You aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s life but that should never stop you from being who you truly are. It shouldn’t stop you from being your most authentic self. I always ask myself the question ”should I let the opinion of a handful of people hold me back? Or should I listen to all those people that are supporting and cheering me on? I’m going with the latter and so should you.

So what does being your most authentic self mean?

Being authentic means being you and embracing yourself with all your flaws and imperfections. We are all working through things in life. We are all fighting daily battles. We are all waking up every day trying to be the best version of ourselves. We aren’t perfect human beings and we seriously need to stop trying to be perfect. It’s just impossible and exhausting but working towards being authentic is attainable and something that will make you feel empowered and invigorated when you embrace it.

The moment you permit yourself to be authentic, burn that stupid rule book of ”how we are meant to be” and speak openly and honestly, something great happens. Something shifts and you start to inspire those around you. By being authentic it gives others the courage to be authentic. It gives them the courage to be their true selves. Can you imagine what would happen if we were all authentic and if we all weren’t afraid to be our true authentic selves? Great things would happen. Amazing things would happen.

There is a sense of confidence that comes with being authentic and did I mention how invigorating it is? It’s life-changing. It’s almost like the moment you give yourself permission to be exactly who you want to be everyone huddles around you, wants to learn from you and be inspired by you. You lose that sense of fear. The fear that holds you back from taking that leap of faith that you are so desperately wanting to take.

When you become your most true authentic self you speak out more. You are more open & honest. You say things openly that you wouldn’t necessarily say before purely because you were too scared to and so worried about what everyone will think. I’ve realized that we can’t sugar coat things forever. It will never work. Authenticity works and when it works, it wins!

So, here’s to being more authentic. Here’s to burning that stupid rule book that society has created for us and here’s to being your most genuine and authentic self. Here’s to use babes!