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Since we are full swing into 2018 I decided to stop and take some time to sit back and reflect on 2017 and what a whirlwind it was.

I actually dont know how else to explain this past year other than it was a weird year. Alot happened and it was a good and bad year. I achieved some of my biggest goals this year and I overcame some really tough times as well.

One thing that stuck with me during 2017 and this is something my mom taught me. You can get through anything and you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it. As I am reflecting on this year, I am proud of everything I have achieved and everything I have overcome.

I will say that I am glad 2017 is over and I have a feeling 2018 will be a good year. I know it will bring more ups than downs. Not just for me but for everyone else as well.


  • I decided to start a blog again. Blogging is something I have always been passionate about. My Blog is my little space that I can call my own. This is my space to express myself andย  talk about the things I feel passionate about.
  • I work for a recruitment company and we work on targets. We reached our annual target and I recieved a R30 000 incentive which paid for our flights and accomodation to Thailaind. My hard work really did pay off!
  • I bought my first car and I bought it by myself. I am absolutley obsessed with my car and the freedom I get from having my own car is something I wish I had alot earlier.
  • I would say I have a stressful job. Its incredibly fast paced and you pretty much work 24/7 but I have grown and matured so much since starting at this company. I also work with the most incredible people which I am so thankful for.
  • My Fiance started his plumbing apprentiship and I am so proud of him. His work ethic is insane. You will not find a harder worker. Here’s to no more leaving for a month at a time. I love having him home.
  • I went on a plane for the first time (I made sure I sat by the window the entire time). I absolutley loved flying and I definatley have the travel bug. New York City I’m coming for ya!
  • We had our first overseas holiday together and it was AMAZING. Thailand has the most amazing culture and the people are amazing. So thankful i got the opportunity to experience what Thailand had to offer.
  • I learnt how to let go. I am the type of person that likes things done my way, especially when it comes to work. I have systems and I like them done my way. We got a second resourcer on our desk and I had to let go of some of the thingsย  I had to do daily. It took me a while but I finally managed to let go.
  • I took on more responsibility at work. Once I let go of the smaller things I was able to take on the bigger things. This has really helped me grow as a person and I feel more confident with myself and my ability to handle things I never thought I would be able to handle before.


  • I was taken to the CCMA for the first time. This experience was something I would never wish on anyone and Its not something I want to experience again.
  • My Fiance and I moved out of our beautiful beachfront flat.
  • I cried at work. Yes I cried at work. I was dealing with some major stress and one afternoon I was shouted at by a client and I just burst into tears (once I was off the phone ofcourse). My mama is a big believer of “have a good cry and then take on the world” and thats exactly what I did.
  • In the space of 2 years I only ever took 1 day leave and 2 sick days leave(I sprained my ankle during boxing.Apparently I have flimsy ankles). Needless to say I was exhausted by the time December 2017 came around. I have to admit that this was all my fault. I refused to take leave even when my manager tried to force me to take leave.

Taking the time to reflect on the past year has really put everything into perspective for me. We often get so distracted by the difficult challenges we face daily that we tend to forget what you have achieved and overcome for the year. My ups completely outweighed the downs.

Just remember you can achieve anything you put your mind to. You can handle anything that comes your way. Nothing can put you down unless you allow it to and no one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to.

How was your 2017?