Have you ever had this amazing idea? You have this huge burst of motivation and excitement. You start doing your research only to realize how saturated the market it and all of a sudden you find that excitement and motivation quickly dwindling until it is completely gone. Don’t worry Babes, this is completely normal and it has probably happened to most people. Even those people you look up to and call your mentors.

The trick to overcoming this is to remember that ”There is room for you at the table and I want you to claim it”. Even when you don’t feel like there is, give yourself a little pep talk and say ”There is room for me at the table”. What you have to offer, that brilliant idea and vision you have are completely unique to the world and it is what we need. We need what you have to offer but you have to start somewhere and that means starting now and pushing through that self-doubt and second-guessing.

All those great millionaires, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and business owners that we all look up to all started where you are at this very moment and look where they are. I mean surely if they can do it, you can do it. They are living proof that the impossible is in fact possible. Seriously, if this doesn’t get you even more excited, I don’t know what will.

The one key to success is consistency. If I had to go to all those entrepreneurs, business owners, and millionaires and asked them what their secret to success was I’m pretty sure their answer would be ”consistency is the key to success”. The constant grind and believing that what you have to offer to the world is valuable and important is what helps keep that motivation high and consistency on track which in turn brings you a lot closer to your end goal.

If you just continue going, continue working at your goals, continue pushing, you will soon notice that you are rising, your moving up and soon enough you’re at that table. Your voice is being heard, you are making an impact and marking a mark. People are listening.

I know I said ”consistency is the key to success” but another thing that I truly believe has a huge part to play in reaching your goals is ”believing in yourself”. You have to believe in that what you are capable of and what you have to offer. This is non-negotiable. You have to believe that nothing is impossible for you and you have to believe that you will get to where you want to be regardless of those hard times, long hours, and long days. It will all pay off in the end.

Take a moment and imagine the great things that could happen if you 1: Believed in yourself, 2: you worked every dam day and 3: never gave up regardless of those bouts of self-doubt and second-guessing. Imagine the end result. Imagine that feeling of accomplishment. That’s what we need to strive for. Working towards making ourselves better and working towards a life that we are completely obsessed at.

Just remember regardless of how saturated the market is or how doubtful you are. There is room for you at the table!