Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved glamorous perfumes. My mom always said a woman should have a signature perfume. As I have grown older one thing I have noticed is that the smell of a stunning perfume is enough to create high vibes and spritzing some of your signature perfume before bed is a stunning way to end the evening. We are responsible for how we choose to feel every day, and evening and ending your day in a glamorous, restful, and iconic way is something I highly recommend.

It’s funny how something so simple can make a woman feel so glamorous and iconic. And this is something we take for granted and something we should do more of. I have noticed a complete change in my mindset, energy, and vibe for the next day all from wearing a glamorous smelling perfume to bed every evening.

Create high vibes for yourself. It could be wearing your favorite perfume to bed or it could pouring a glass of delicious bubbly in a beautiful champagne glass to unwind after a tough day at the office of side hustling. Either way, choose your poison and allow it to improve and indulge your creative energy, side hustle, and glamour vibes.

Its not only a spritz of your favorite perfume that can increase your creative vibes. There are tons of little ways to increase your creative vibes and ignite your energy.

Create energy around you by incorporating things into your daily life that elevate your creative vibes. It can be something so simple and that is the beauty of it. Its the simple pleasure in life that can often give us the greatest pleasure. Walking in nature, enjoying a coffee with a stunning view or a hot bubble bath. You choose what works for you and incorporate that into your daily routine.

Enjoy it babe and here’s to creating high vibes.