It’s safe to say I am incredibly fussy with what I use on my skin. I either use a product that ends up being too harsh for my skin or a product that does nothing at all for my skin. It’s so hard to find a well-balanced product for those of us with acne-prone sensitive skin.

I have been on Roaccutane for just over three months, and the sensitivity of my skin has increased, which means the possibility of finding a skincare range that works for my skin has decreased. The joys! But I was recently gifted the Environ Care Clarity+ Range to trial and see if it would work for my skin, and I have seriously been pleasantly surprised. I have always loved Environ. Their products are amazing, and I have always been obsessed, especially with their ACE Oil, so the moment I saw they had incorporated their ACE Oil into their Clarity+ Range, I knew these products were going to be amazing.

This is what everything you need to know about this amazing range while taking my Roaccutane and while my skin sensitivity is heightened.

Sebu-wash Gel Facewash

I am utterly obsessed with this face wash. It’s a light foaming face wash that is soft on the skin, gentle and leaves your skin feels amazing after you have washed it. This face wash assists with washing away dirt and excess oil, which leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Sebu-tone Clarifier

I am a sucker for a good toner, especially one that helps acne-prone skin. This toner has done wonders for me. It contains regulating ingredients and helps remove the build-up of dead skin cells while minimizing the appearance of oil on the skin, which is something I have always struggled with.

Sebu-Lac Lotion

This lotion is amazing. It’s non-oily and assists with moisturizing and combating the signs of breaks outs. I am normally used to a creamy lotion, but this one is a lot different while moisturizing and assists with improving your skin texture.

Sebu-ACE Oil

I think this must be my most favorite product out of the entire range. I am in love with their ACE Oil. It’s lightly textured and helps prevent the formation of new breakouts by hitting the skin with a much-needed dose of essential oils. This oil is filled with botanicals and vitamins which is what acne-prone skin needs.

Sebu-Clear Masque

I use this masque once a week and I have enjoyed it. I suffer from tons of scars, and this masque contains a combination of exfoliating acids that help clear the appearance of the existing breakouts. If this doesn’t make you happy and interested in this range, then I don’t know what will.

Finding an entire range that works well, and assists constant acne breakouts has been a lifesaver. Those of us who struggle with consistent adult acne know that it can be tough finding an entire range that targets all your problems instead of just one. Most of the time we are required to use five different products but not this time. With this range you are targeting acne breakouts, skin texture, removing dead skin cells, and more.