I stopped trying to get everything perfect because I realised it was impossible. I recently launched two eBooks that I had been working on for months. And when I say months, I mean seven months of full speed ahead, constant grinding, editing, cover designing, everything. I wanted everything to be perfect before I launched and presented these two products to the world. And whenever I had a moment of ‘’ok it’s ready and its time’’, I would immediately start screening through everything once again because before I launched and presented it, it could not have one mistake.

Eventually, I realised I had to get out of my own head because If I didn’t, I would still be sitting here, editing an eBook that had been edited way too much already. We need to stop waiting for everything to be perfect. Yes, but time, effort, and care into everything you do, but when you find yourself holding back completely from putting something out there that you are so passionate about because you are worried you forgot to add a full stop to the end of one sentence. It is time to get out of your own way and launch!

Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and no matter how hard we try and how much time we spend screening everything, until our eyes bleed (dramatic I know) we need to be ok with the possibility of one error, or mistakes, or learning along the way.

The beauty of doing something new, even though you are scared, is the learning that comes from it. I had no idea how to set up an Online Ecommerce Store on my blog, but I have already learned so much along the way, and it has been incredible. It’s an amazing process and a necessary process because one day, you will be that person helping someone new start their own Online Ecommerce Store on their blog.

Embrace mistakes, learn from them, and grow from them. Mistakes are there to teach us things, and that is how we need to look at them. I do not believe they are there to steal our joy or prevent us from ever doing something at all. They are a necessary part of growing, evolving, and changing.

I am almost 200% certain that all those mentors you look up to. They made mistakes, and many things have been trial and error from them too but look at them now.

It’s time to embrace mistakes or at least be ok with the possibility of making a mistake and look at it as an opportunity to grow, expand, and evolve. You are learning something new, and that is powerful.