Do you ever find yourself saying ‘’ Yes I’m excited but I don’t want to get my hopes up’’? Even though you want to get your hopes up?

Why is it that whenever we are excited about the possibility of something great happening, we immediately shut ourselves down with ‘’I don’t want to get my hopes up’’? Why is it we think we don’t deserve to get our hopes up when we are thinking positively about something?

Our minds are truly powerful and we tend to forget that. We forget that what we put out into the universe is exactly what we will get back. For example, have you ever had a terrible day? You find yourself focusing on the negative, and by focusing on the negative, everything negative is showing up around you. Your notice the negative more than positive. That is the power of your mind. When you choose to focus on the negative, the negative manifests, but when you decide to focus on the positive, the positive will manifest. So, why not get your hopes up? Why not put all your excitement and enthusiasm out into the universe in the hopes of getting it back? Because you will get it back if you just believe.

Whenever you find yourself using the phrase ‘’I don’t want to get my hopes up’’, I want you to take a step back for a moment and remind yourself that if you have a dream or goal deep-rooted in your heart it will not pass you and you will achieve it. It may not happen exactly how you envisioned it but it will happen nonetheless if you are prepared to take consistent action towards that dream and believe wholeheartedly that it will happen. After all, your future is solely in your hands, your heart, and your mind. You either push yourself, excite yourself and remind yourself that you CAN and WILL reach that dream or you can talk yourself out of it. It is entirely up to you.

Starting today, refrain from using the phrase ‘’I don’t want to get my hopes up’’ and get your hopes up, get excited, and start manifesting some truly amazing things.