When you think about your past, how does it feel? Does it make you feel endless amounts of joy, or sadness, and uncertainty? We all have something in our past we don’t want to remember. It could be a tough upbringing, your family struggled financially when you were younger, or high school was a nightmare that has stuck with you ever since you left. Whatever it may be, are you bringing that into your future with you?

For many, we think we have left our past behind when sometimes we haven’t. For me, my family struggled significantly when I was a child. All my friends always had the latest clothes, amazing packed lunches, and amazing family holidays while we often barely had anything to eat near the end of the month. I knew there were some things that we couldn’t afford but, I never thought we struggled. It simply didn’t occur to me. Even as I got older, I just thought this was normal. It was normal to struggle every month and barely make it through.

But, that wasn’t normal, and without me realizing it, I was taking that mentality with me into my twenties and as I started my first job, and climbed the corporate ladder but, one day, something clicked. I realized that I was taking my past with me, and my future deserved more. I deserved more, and I wanted that more.

How many of us do this? Our mentality around what we deserve is based on what we were taught in our past. Because I struggled at a child, I thought I was always meant to struggle. That was meant for me, and I never fought it but, I needed to, and I needed to fight it hard.

The moment I started challenging the thoughts and mentality ingrained in me as a child, and as I grew up everything change. I knew that struggling as a child with my family does not mean I am meant to struggle as I went into my twenties because I hold the key to everything that happens in my life. I am the decision-maker behind every decision, from how I spend my money, to what I save, and essentially if I struggle or not. I decided one day to no longer struggle and the moment I did that, I started moving in the direction I wanted to be in.

We need to retrain our minds because sometimes our past doesn’t consist of the greatest times. For many, when we think back, we can’t think of much good but, the one thing you have control over is your future and what you want for yourself.

This is the power of you. The power of your mind and the power you are willing to use to make sure you go in the direction you want to go in. Not the direction your past is trying to force you to go in.

The moment you stop giving your past so much power, you start taking back that power, and you can channel that power in the direction of your goals, dreams, and plans for yourself.

Never think your past defines you because it doesn’t, and the moment you realize that, you are on the road to success.