With everything that is going on, it can be hard to concentrate on the marketing and promoting your blog and brand. There is a lot of uncertainty going around and we tend to spend a vast amount of time focusing on that uncertainty but this is why NOW is the perfect time to promote and market your blog, brand or business.

With lockdown in full force and people compelled to stay indoors, almost everyone is spending more time on social media. Because of this, they are more likely to click on links they usually wouldn’t have the time to click on and they are more open to dedicating time to reading an article that they generally wouldn’t have the time to read. The amount of time I have spent on social media marketing, promoting, and connecting with like-minded others has gone up significantly compared to before COVID-19 and this is because I have more freedom of time.

Right now I believe Social Media Marketing is the best form of marketing because of the amount of time people are spending social media.

In the space of time between when lockdown started and now, my blog views have gone up from 500 a month to 2600 a month. My Business Pinterest account views have gone up from 350 views a month to 2200 views a month and I am certain that it is because people are spending more time on social media, clicking on links, reading blog posts, and more.

So, the million-dollar question is, how can you market your blog, brand, or business and move it in the direction you want it to go in during this uncertain time?

Concentrate on your main platform

I recently had a Paid Media Business Strategy session for my blog/brand and was given some excellent advice. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of social media pages that you have for your brand or business and never know which one to focus on? Here’s the answer. Focus on the one that you are getting more engagement from. For me, that’s Facebook. I have a large following on Facebook and that is where I have been spending a considerable amount of time promoting my brand and blog. Paid Facebook marketing is not only cheaper than Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter marketing, it also allows you to get better reach while spending less.

Connect with other like-minded bloggers, brands and people

Connecting with other like-minded bloggers, brands, and people is so important and helps drive your motivation and allows you to collaborate with other bloggers and brands that are in line with yours. This opens up their social media following to you and your following to them. It’s a win-win and something we all need to do more of. By doing this you are also building lasting relationships and friendships which allows you to collaborate in the future, multiple times which gives you more exposure.

Engage with your audience on your social media platforms

Engaging, commenting, and communicating with those that engage with you is so important. Taking the time to comment on someone’s post, leaving a nice comment helps show others that you are genuinely interested in what they are sharing. This helps you build a loyal and engaged following and audience. These are the ones you need to take care of. The ones that have loved your brand from the beginning and they are the ones that will continue to share your content and support you throughout. Concentrate, nurture and pay attention to them. They are important and the ones you want to keep.

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself

Never be afraid to change things up with your brand and blog when you feel the need to. I cannot tell you how often I have changed my color scheme, logo, and design. It’s all part of the process and its necessary to reach the exact look and mood you want for your blog and brand. There is nothing better than completely reinventing yourself, your look, and your brand. It’s completely invigorating, exciting, and energizing. During this time don’t be afraid to change things up and embrace the change.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there

We all worry about what others are going to think or say when we put ourselves out there, especially now more than ever. When marketing your blog and brand you cannot let fear take over and stop you from promoting yourself, your blog, and your brand. Now is the time to put yourself out there and grow your brand and blog and being afraid of what people are going to say or think just isn’t an option. You need to move past that fear, publish that blog post, share your post, and put yourself out there. By doing this you will see your brand’s engagement, and following grow.

Also, don’t forget to spend time with those you love during this challenging time – either in-person or via video call. We all want our businesses to thrive and move forward but its also important to spend valuable time with those you love.