Social media, the new booming industry where thousands are starting their careers, creating their own hours, running a thriving business all in a day’s work. Gone are the days where you leave high school or university to work at one job for 35 years. In this day and age, we are blessed with more options, better possibilities, and opportunities.

Social media has allowed us to break barriers, get rid of boundaries and limitations. We can now be in New York City and video chat with a friend in South Africa or start an entire business solely based online and make an income-earning more than you would if you worked for a boss. The opportunities with social media are endless. They are exciting and prompting, but with a lot of good, there can also be some bad.

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram, clicked into someone’s profile, and realized that they have unfollowed you? You immediately feel hurt, which is natural and wonder what you could have done, what didn’t they like about you for them to unfollow you? Truth is, because social media is such a huge part of us these days, more people have access to us and our content, and some may not like what you post. It may not align with what they want to see every day, but these unfollows cannot stop you from doing what you love doing.

When you are growing your brand, business, trying to establish yourself, and grow an engaged audience you are going to come across people that aren’t going to agree with what you say and they will question you, unfollow, unsubscribe and potentially DM you and let you know they leaving but if you aren’t willing to ruffle a few feathers while making your moves, it’s time to re-evaluate everything you are doing.

No one remembers those that don’t take risks, and not everyone is going to like you, but you aren’t here to make everyone like you. You are here to make a change while putting yourself out there, and making those big moves.

If you find yourself ruminating over those few unfollows and unsubscribes, here’s what you need to ask yourself?

Do I love what I am doing?

Does my message encourage more than rattle a few?

Are you making a positive impact on those around you?

Do you have energy like no other when you are doing what you love?

Am I willing to ruffle a few feathers while I make waves, build my community, and put myself out there?

If you and your content are making a few uncomfortable, you don’t want them in your tribe in the first place. You want to build a tribe of supporters and celebrators. Those that love your message, share your message, and aren’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers either.

Social media is an amazing place. It enables us to reach more people and have a bigger impact, but with that can come a few negatives, and I want to make sure you aren’t letting those negatives outweigh the positives.

At the end of the day, if you love what you are doing, you’re making a meaningful impact, your building relationships, and wanting to jump out of bed every morning, then you are on the right track, and you need to keep doing what you are doing.

Don’t let anything stop you, babe. It’s your journey, and it’s all up to you.