Social Media has become such a big part of our everyday lives. The thought of living without social media is actually a little daunting because we rely on it so much. I will be the first to admit that Social Media has become a big part of my life.

Social Media is not only important to an individual but many Businesses and Brands are using social media to gain more exposure, build their audience and engagements to their Businesses & Brands.

Almost all businesses are stepping back from the traditional marketing and spending more time on Social Media in order to build their businesses and brands. And it’s working.

I recently did some research and according to SocialMediaToday the average teen spends at least 9 hours a day on Social Media and 30% of time spent on the Internet is spent on Social Media.

This just shows that companies are more likely to reach their targeted audience via social media as opposed to the traditional marketing.

Here are 7 Social Media Trends to expect in 2018:

  1. Facebook is becoming almost entirely mobile

Show of hands – who actually takes the time to log onto their Facebook account from a computer when it is so much easier to click into your Facebook Account via your cellphone? Facebook has evolved so much since it was first introduced and even though Facebook has kept its desktop game strong, it is said that by 2020 Facebook will be almost entirely mobile.

  1. Ephemeral Content will grow more than ever

The rise of Snapchat has played a big role in the rise of Ephemeral Content. What is Ephemeral content? Well, Ephemeral content is short lived content which only really lasts up to 24 hours and it has really grown in 2017.

People find that short-lived content is more authentic and genuine and that is the reason it gets so many engagements and why it is so popular. According to pmbcgroup Ephemeral content appeals to consumers because of the fact that it won’t be around forever.

Consumers have Fear of Missing out which is otherwise known as FOMO. The fact that the content is short-lived is enticing to them. It’s enticing to me. I can’t tell you many Instagram stories I watch.

  1. Live Streaming is the next best thing

Instagram, Snapchat and now Facebook. Posting Live Video’s and Live streaming will continue well into 2018. It’s started in 2017 and it has taken the world by storm.

Live Streaming video’s and stories has shown to grow engagement which includes more, likes, comments and shares. 2017 is all about the now and in 2018 we want to see what is happening now more than ever. We don’t want to wait.

Live streaming stories and video’s is also another great way for Brands and Businesses to build relationships and engage with their audience.

In 2018 you can expect more businesses and brands to jump onto the band wagon of Live Stories and Video’s as they realize the power it has.

  1. You can target the audience you want

Individuals, Brands and Businesses are now able to target the audience they want and they are able to do this by boosting their posts or content not only on Facebook but as well as Instagram and LinkedIn.

As mentioned by Matchcraft If you run a social ad on Facebook you can target your audience based on location, demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections. This gives you a large audience, extensive analytics, a fine-tuned your audience as well as a better brand awareness.

The great thing about running social ads is that it is an inexpensive way to promote your business and distribute content. This is a new trend that has really come into effect in 2017 and will continue well into 2018. Social Media has really made targeting the audience you want a lot easier.

  1. Brands will pay more attention to Social Listening

I have heard this over and over again and I am sure you have heard this at some point in time. But what exactly is social listening and why is it important?

According to Sproutsocial.com Social Listening is the process of tracking conversations around specific phrases and brands and using that information to create content that your audience wants. It also gives you the opportunity to see what your audience likes and doesn’t like as well as where your brand or business needs to improve.

Listening to your audience is so important. Taking the time to listen to your audience will give you an edge on your competitors and it helps track and monitor mentions that relate to your business or brand.

  1. Twitter will up their game

Over the past year Twitter has really struggled to grow their users like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram has. Twitter only allows you to post up to 280 characters and in 2017 and 2018, people have a lot more to say.

In 2018 Twitter will probably up their game and make some drastic changes in order to stay on top with all the other social media platforms.

  1. Visual Content will rise in 2018

Social Media is no longer just about text content. More and more people are leaning more towards visual content. People are becoming more visual. Especially Millennials. Brands, Businesses as well as individuals will have a better chance of getting shares, comments and engagements by sharing content that contains images.

In 2018 you can expect vast changes in Social Media. Many Social Platforms are adapting to the mobile strategy because in this generation people like to do things while on the move. Businesses and Brands will have to adapt to this strategy quickly in order to market their products to its full potential.

Thanks for reading

Until next time – Cape Town Brunette