Let’s talk about how many of us are multi-passionate. We find joy in many things. We are passionate about more than just one thing yet we are taught they we need to choose only one passion or find our niche and that’s what we need to stick to. I don’t agree with this. If anything I think it is amazing that you are multi-passionate and I want, you to embrace the fact that you are multi-passionate. We are taught that to be successful in this world we need to find our thing or find our niche and from there success will come. I don’t believe this. There are so many of us that look at this advice and feel an overwhelming sense of ”well what do I choose when I’m passionate about so many things”? I say choose everything. I am a huge believer of ”don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. And for me just the thought of having to pick one thing and do that for the rest of my life gives me a huge amount of anxiety. I am passionate about so much. I love blogging, fitness, health, motivating others and so much more. If I had to choose just one thing and do that for the rest of my life, it would probably drain the life out of me.

So if you are feeling this way here’s my advice to you. If you find yourself feeling passionate about more than just one thing and you also don’t know which passion to choose but you feel like you have to choose one because that is what we are taught. I am here to tell you that it’s ok to pick more than one thing. It’s ok to feel passionate about more than one thing and pursue it all.

For example, look at entrepreneurs like Cara Alwill Leyba & Gary Vaynerchuck. They are both multi-passionate and they have pursued more than one passion. Cara has written 9 books, is a certified life coach, and has an Online Vintage Fashion Boutique and so much more. Gary started in the wine industry and has since opened multiple businesses such as VaynerMedia which is a digital agency built for the now and he has Co-founded VaynerSport that is a full service athlete representation agency. These too entrepreneurs are multi-passionate and they are thriving from being multi-passionate. And I can tell you now they are probably pretty dam happy that they didn’t stick to what society says, busted out that box and pursued all their passions.

So my question to you right now is why should you pick just one thing and stick to that? Why should you put yourself in a box that you are so desperately trying to bust out of. Things are changing. We are in the digital age which gives us a little more freedom to be multi-passionate. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.

Here’s to everyone that is multi-passionate and isn’t afraid to pursue all their passions. I’m going to say it again – 2020 is going to be one epic year so why not start by pursuing more than just one of your passions. Start slow but start and continue from there. You will thank yourself later.