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I was recently contacted by LG to do a review on the new LG NeoChef Microwave Oven that has recently been released.

My previous microwave was pretty standard and in all honesty I never really used it. Maybe 3 times a week if I needed to heat up my dinner, so naturally I was really eager to use and test out this Microwave Oven to see if it would make my life easier when it comes to cooking.

First things first

What you get with the NeoChef Microwave Oven:

  • Glass Tray
  • Rotating Ring
  • Rack
  • TurnTable Shaft
  • Owners Manuel

My favoutire features of the NeoChef Microwave Oven:

  • The Microwave Oven uses technology that uses precise cooking power to reheat and defrost food properly. This saves you so much time and you dont need to go back numerous times to cook or defrost.
  • No more half heating. The Inverter Technology allows an even distribution of heat which helps with even heating and better cooking
  • It actually defrosts meat properly and doesnt start cooking it half way through the defrost. The Inverter Technology enbales precise tempreture control to assist with better defrosting and it doesnt take to long to defrost.
  • I like the fact that you can do more than just warm your food or defrost. This Microwave Oven allows versatile cooking. You can warm, defrost,  cook and even bake.
  • So Im not a big fan of frying food but the fact that I can fry and roast my food if I want to in this microwave oven just makes my heart happy. The healthy frying fuction reduces fat from any dish up to 72% and the healthy roasting function gives you a benefit of 72g fat loss.
  • And what I love the most is the anti-bacterial coating which makes cleaning the Microwave simple and easy. The coating eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria from the surface. Score!

Who doesn’t love a Microwave Oven that is easy to clean after cooking a huge deliscious meal.

So my fiance and I first attempted to make Cottage Pie in the Microwave Oven (can I be honest and say he did 90%  of the cooking because he is a way better cook than me BUT I helped). One thing I did find a little confusing at first was the the control panel, but I soon figured it out. Its not as hard as I thought and my fiance knew how to use it almost immediatley. (Clearly he is more technically minded than me).

I was really impressed with how the Microwave cooked right through, which meant there where no cold parts of the cottage pie and the top of our cottage pie was cheesy, delish and just how I like it.

When ever I would reheat my food in my previous microwave I would always end up with cold sections but this has never happened since using the NeoChef Microwave Oven.

My Review on the NeoChef Microwave Oven:

I really took some time to use the microwave  and get a feel of how it works, decide if I liked it and figure out if it would make my life easier. I am the type of girl that is always looking for things that make my life easier and this product most certainly did.

One thing about the NeoChef Microwave Oven is that you are able to do so much with it and I feel it can really be an investment.

I have been able to cook, defrost, grill and even bake in this Microwave and after reading the Owners Manuel, I can guarentee you that there is so much more you can do with this Microwave. It has made cooking so much easier.

Infact I was in my kitchen the entire day yesterday cooking because I was able to do so much with the Microwave and it cut my cooking time in half. Bonus!

What I like the most is that LG has taken the time to make the Microwave look sleek, modern and pretty. You have two colour options which are Matt Black and Stainless Steel. I have the Stainless Steel one and I absolultey love it. It fits so well in my kitchen and I like the size of it. Our previous Microwave was to small.

One thing I would recommend is taking the time to read the manuel before using the Microwave. I found it quite complicated in the beginning but thereafter it became easy to use.

Another thing that stood out to be about this microwave was that it sings to you once its finished heating, cooking or defrosting(Yes it literally sings you a tune). Who doesnt love having a little tune sung to you after waiting for the microwave to finish doing what it needed to do.

If you are considering or looking to buy a new Microwave I would definatley recommend the new LG NeoChef Microwave Oven. You get your monies worth and so much more.