Am I the only one that feels like August has been one roller coaster month? For me, this month has been everything from chaotic, exhausting, and everything in between. I feel like it has taken so much energy and creativity from me just trying to deal with everyday life.

Not to be funny or sound weird but, the moment September 1st hit, I felt like a brand-new person. I honestly just needed this month, August to be over with so I could get my full creativity flowing again. When I was feeling down this past month, I realized the importance of listening to your body, mind, and soul and when your body, mind, and soul say they need rest and time off, we need to listen to those warnings and take the much needed time off. There is nothing wrong with taking time off for yourself and caring for yourself. You deserve to rest and do not let anyone tell you differently.

This past month I spend more time with me, trying to get back on track and bring back my creativity. Truthfully, I don’t ever feel like myself unless I wake up excited to write something meaningful for you on a blog or post something, I am passionate about on social media. I love sharing important things with you, and the moment I felt like I had nothing to give, I felt so guilty.

This month for the first time since lockdown, I headed out to a restaurant with friends. The power in being able to dress up and look glamourous was incredible. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved being at home, in my track pants and no bra living my best life but truthfully, now and then, a girl needs to get dressed up and meet her girls for a glass of wine or two. It was so great being able to catch up face to face. I have loved lockdown purely because I have been able to spend more time blogging, creating, and manifesting but, this wine date with my girls was the pick me up I needed.

This month I stepped away from my blog for a short while to spend more time working on my passion project. This passion project has been something I have been working on for almost a year, and it was amazing to finally be able to dedicate more time to it, instead of just an hour or two. If you don’t already know, I am an avid follower of Cara Alwill Leyba. I love what she stands for, and her energy and vibe are something else, and one thing that stood out to me with Cara was that she knows when to step away from one thing to allow that creativity to flow into something bigger and more important at that time. This does not mean she won’t be back; it simply means she’s giving that time to something more important to her at that present moment, and I love that. This is exactly what I did. It was liberating. We always feel like we have to do ten million things at once when in reality, we are allowed to push one thing aside for a short while, to work on something else.

This month I took a break from social media. I was still on social media but not as active, and it was incredible. We all spend so much time trying to put out content and be consistent with the content that for a while it was so nice to just step away and be present at the moment with those around me and myself. I didn’t feel the pressure of needing to post or wanting to post. I allowed myself to relax and just support those around me. I still engaged, I still supported and cheered my fellow boss babes on but, from my side and my page, I took a much-needed break.

If there is one thing this month of August has taught me is that you are allowed to step back and care for yourself, your mental health, and everything in-between. Remember, there are so many aspects to you that you can’t just for one day, turn your phone off, and hope your creativity will come back. Sometimes you need more than one day, sometimes, like me, you need an entire month and that is ok. Embrace that month and use it to refuel your mind, body, and soul. I can guarantee you, you will come back stronger than ever.