How is your week going?

Has your past week flown by and now you are looking at a new week and wondering where your time has gone? Where has you’re weekend gone?

The one question you need to ask yourself is, are you taking the time to be by yourself and spend time with yourself? Everyone needs time alone.

You will start feeling drained and depressed if you don’t have time by yourself.

I need alone time at least once a week. I like to be left alone to be by myself. If I don’t have that time, I get agitated and grumpy.

I don’t like being surrounded by people all the time. I like my own company and I like the company of others but all in moderation.

Investing in yourself means being selfish with you time. It means doing what you love and saying no to what you don’t love and that’s OK.

You can recharge and unwind your mind

We live in an age where we are constantly connected, and we never really switch off. This can be incredibly tiring for a person. You constantly need to engage, entertain and respond. Where is the time to just relax? Taking the time out to just be alone allows you that time to switch off for a while and unwind. We need this at least once a week to function and engage at the same pace as we usually do.

You can plan your goals and think about things

When I have time to myself, I often use it to plan my goals and how I will reach them, or I recap on the plans I have made and remind myself of my goals. Your alone time gives you an opportunity to reflect and figure out if you are still on the right track.

You get those creativity juices flowing

When I started writing this post I was home alone, and the house was dead quiet. During that time, my creative juices where flowing and I was able to accomplish so much. That entire day I had no distractions and I was able to write and work on my blog. I needed that alone time to really get me focused.

You appreciate those around you

I find that when I haven’t had my me time in a while I get very irritated and annoyed with almost everyone I encounter. Taking the time to be by myself makes me more tolerant and relaxed. I don’t get as annoyed as I usually would. Once I’ve had time alone I get excited to see those I haven’t seen, like my Finance, Family and Friends.

You will feel more balanced

Being selfish with your time will make you feel more balanced. We already spend so much of our time interacting and engaging with others, having your alone time just balances everything out. I find that when I hit the gym by myself for 2 hours I’m not only happy due to the endorphins rushing through my body, but I feel like I have a decent balance between spending time with those I love and spending time with myself.

I want to challenge you to be a little more selfish with your time. Next time when someone invites you to a braai that you don’t want to attend, I want you to say no and do something that you want to do.

Life is short, and you need to make sure you are taking the time to do the things that you love.