I first started managing staff at 26 and by the time I reached 28, I was often required to manage 30 to 60 staff members at multiple clients when my Manager was away. Eventually, when she moved away, I was required to manage staff more frequently, and I loved it. Working in the recruitment industry requires you to do that – manage multiple staff members at different clients. You can go from managing staff at a large warehouse to managing staff in a corporate environment. It’s amazing, but one thing I realized after managing large amounts of millennials is this;

Millennials are often seen as lazy and difficult to work with, and often called entitled. But, the truth is, you just need to know how to motivate them. Times have changed, and that means management styles need to change.

As a millennial, here are a few ways to motive and inspire millennials in the workplace.

Ask for their opinions

A manager needs to listen to their staff, and it’s important to understand that just because you are the manager, that means no other opinion matters, and this is often the mistake many managers make with millennials. Allow millennials to voice their opinions on a topic. Engaging with your staff and allowing them to have a say and input is important. It drives motivation, and dedication and they will be more inclined to come to you with a new, brilliant idea if they know you are approachable and open to their opinions and thoughts.

Manage less & mentor more

Remember, the staff you manage, those millennials, are people and not just employees. We need to treat them like people. Sometimes taking a few moments to ask about their career plans, both long term and short term, how they are finding their job and where they see themselves at the organization can go a long way.

Stop comparing the past to the present

As a millennial, we know things were very different in the past. Just because you were taught differently and did differently does not necessarily mean that the way we are doing something today is necessarily wrong. We use technology, we use the internet and can do things more quickly because of the resources we have now, it’s nothing against the past but the world has evolved and allowing millennials in the workforce to embrace and use the resources they know and have will motivate them to do more.

Provide opportunity for learning and development

Millennials want to learn and grow. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s ideal to find managers that help millennials identify new opportunities that will help develop their skills. For example, if you have a millennial on your team, try and assign new tasks to them constantly, this will keep them engaged and eager to take on more because they are constantly taking in new information and always learning, which is exactly what they want.

Millennials are only hard to work with or manage in the workplace when you are trying to use tactics and strategies of the past. We need to remember that there are many more generations and changes to come, so we need to be open to change, and a new management style as new generations enter the workplace.