Stress is a big part of our everyday lives. We all feel stressed at some point in our lives. Stress is a feeling of abnormal pressure and feeling incredibly overwhelmed. This can come from an increased workload, financial worries, or an argument you have had with your partner. It’s hard to juggle everyday life, our relationships, and responsibilities without feeling some sort of stress.

So how do you know if you feeling stressed? If you are feeling stressed, your body will show you signs in physical symptoms such as:

  • Constantly feeling worried
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Mood swings
  • Unable to sleep

These are just a few signs of stress, there are so many more. Everyone’s body reacts differently to stress. Learning how to deal with stress is vitally important and it is something that you can learn. There is no magic trick that will help stress just vanish. Its all about you finding what works for you and what will help you manage the stress you may have in the future.

Figure out what is stressing you out

Have you taken a step back and tried to figure out what exactly is stressing you out? Is it your work environment, your home life, or the thought of everything that you need to do but just don’t have time to do. Figuring out what is causing the stress will help you find ways to reduce and manage that stress. Take some time to sit and think about what causes your stress daily. If its something you can eliminate out of your life then you need to do so. How you feel only a daily basis is important and if you find yourself more stressed than anything else, then its time to do an inventory and make some drastic changes.

Quiet time for yourself is vital

You need to break away. Take some time to step away from your phone, your emails, and everything else. Try to be alone and embrace the quiet. Set dates with yourself. The moment you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, set time aside to go for a walk on the beach or even a walk around your neighborhood. Just do something that will help you to rest your racing and stressed mind.

Relax your muscles

You have properly felt that when you are stressed your shoulders are incredibly tense or your muscles are tense. Doing things that will help your muscles relax will help relieve stress. Stretching, Yoga, or having a hot bath can help relieve stress.

Learn to manage your time better

If you find that you are stressed daily because you aren’t getting everything done, then managing your time better may help alleviate some stress. We often feel that there just isn’t enough time in a day to get things done. Now that I think of it, I often say ”There just isn’t enough time in one day to get everything done”. Make sure you are prioritizing what is important. Once you have completed the most important tasks for the day, you won’t feel as stressed because you have done what has needed to be done first.

Exercise Excercise Excercise

Exercise is a brilliant way to relieve stress as well as keep you healthy. When you exercise your body is releasing happy endorphins that relieve stress and make you feel like you are on a small healthy high. If you have had an incredibly stressful day, I highly recommend breaking a sweat. You cannot go wrong and you will almost feel the difference instantly.

Get some rest

Stress can cause many sleepless nights. You may find yourself running on absolute empty by the end of the week and relying on 10 cups of coffee just to get you through the day. Try and get some solid rest. When you get home, run a hot bath, relax as much as you can, drink some tea, and try to get to bed earlier than you usually would. Our bodies cannot function or run to their full potential when they aren’t properly rested.

Cut yourself some slack

Remember, you are doing the best you can. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break. Try and keep things in perspective. We aren’t always going to have the best week at work and we are going to make mistakes. You are human and mistakes are inevitable. Instead of beating yourself up over everything and feeling that constant stress, be kind and supportive to yourself.