Have you ever been surrounded by sometimes that always seems to do the impossible? They are the type of person that doesn’t just say they are going to do something, but they go ahead and do it. They are someone who always makes the impossible, possible for themselves.

These are the types of people you need to surround yourself with because they are proof that the impossible is most certainly possible. We tend to complete things for ourselves at times. If we aren’t natural writers, we immediately think we are never able to publish a book. If we aren’t good at studying but desperately want a degree, we talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams of achieving that degree. We limit ourselves without realizing it, and by doing this we are technically building a great big wall in front of ourselves that we keep placing bricks on to prevent ourselves from ever making the impossible, possible.

Why not have the guts to make the impossible, possible?

Why not have the guts to be the person that always goes for it?

One thing we need to remember is every morning we decide what our limiting beliefs are, and we decide how we let those limiting beliefs impact our daily lives. We decide if we want to allow them to prevent us from moving in the direction we are wanting to move in. We also need to stop letting the limiting beliefs of others become our own. Instead, surround yourself with those that are doing the impossible already because that will push you to make what is impossible to you, possible.

Give yourself more credit. Look back now and then and remind yourself of how much you have accomplished thus far. Remember that terrible situation you never thought you would get past? Well, guess what? You are past it and you chose to move forward regardless of the struggle you felt. No one decides what you do with your life. You decide what you want to do with your life. You have that power and the moment you acknowledge that power and use it, the impossible becomes possible. Nothing is ever really impossible unless you make it impossible for yourself.

You need to believe in yourself more. You know exactly what you bring to the table, so why do you second guess yourself every chance you get? Focus on the ways around the impossible. Focus on how you can make the impossible, possible for you.

Life is what you make it. Make sure you never leave this earth with thoughts, words, and dreams left inside you. Express yourself every chance you get. Write that book you dream of writing. Start that business you talk yourself out of starting. Nothing is impossible unless you say it is. Give yourself more credit and make it happen. You will thank yourself later.