Welcome to another Interview Series with another impeccable woman that is taking the world by storm. Everyone meet Gigi Collins. A Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in Nigeria. Gigi and I met after we both collaborated with another blogger that featured us both. Gigi messaged me via Instagram and from the moment we started chatting we immediately hit it off. One amazing thing about the blogging industry is that you get to create new, meaningful relationships with women that are likeminded, driven and incredibly passionate about what they do.

Without further ado, here is Gigi Collins.

About Gigi Collins

My name is Gigi Collins, a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love fashion, music, movies, art, and animals. I am a Nigerian and a Catholic. I studied accounting at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo State. I started blogging in February 2019 and I share how to style outfits, needed items and my designs on my blog! I also give free styling advice to my followers. I enjoy being around people as much as I hate being around people! Lol! My dream is to have a clothing brand that offers quality products and affordable prices.

What is the inspiration behind ‘’The Flames Daughter’’ and your Brand?

The flame daughter has a personal meaning to me. It’s a summation of my faith, personality, and journey. The flames as we know it to be can be used for destruction and to warm up ourselves. It can be both evil and good. I realize that that is the option I also have been given, with every day that I am alive, I make a decision to either be good or evil and my decision is taking with my faith as my guideline. God in the bible has been referred to as fire and I use the flame to remind myself of him and that I am his daughter. Also, the flame itself is made of different colors and that for me represents the different aspects of life and that life changes, things come and go and that it is all a journey made with different beautiful colors. Lastly, I have been told to have a cool appearance and a welcoming personality but that doesn’t mean I am devoid of passion and focus; my fire is in me and that’s all that matters. For someone who loves and talks about fashion and lifestyle, I picked that name to remind myself of who I truly am and not get lost in the vanity of life.

Where do you find the inspiration to make your clothes?

My inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere really, a movie, a song, another designer, inanimate objects, dreams and myself; I think of what I feel would make me feel sexy and confident and I go with that. I make sure that everything I sketch is actually useful to the everyday woman.

What are your future plans for your Brand?

Global domination baby! Lol! But really if you are going to bother your brains with dreams, you might as well make it worth her while! I hope to make my brand (both personal and business) something that everyone can relate to and trust. A brand that is actually needed and wanted.

What is your advice to someone wanting to start their own clothing brand?

The expected, do your research extensively and if you get the opportunity work for/with someone already in the game. You can never be too experienced and really believe in your brand and the problems you hope to solve.

What do you do when you feel yourself lacking motivation and inspiration?

No man is an island. Have people around that you can talk to, who listens to you and can lift up your spirits. Losing your drive will come, you just have to remember why you started and have love around you.

How would you define your own individual style?

My personal style is whatever I feel good in. Whatever sits well with my body and is not too revealing. I can go from street to glam to traditional in a second… I love having my options

What advice would you give to women out there that are working towards their goals and dreams?

Be your own everything. Your own critic, cheerleader, adviser, everything. Know it isn’t an easy road but really figure out exactly what you want and why then put your everything into it. Trust me! You too can be a success story.

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