Charina is a force to be reckoned with. A dreamer and a goal-getter. Charina is the Owner and CEO of Unseen International Modeling Academy and Management and the founder of the NPO #Fightback. In this interview, Charina chats about taking risks, putting yourself out there, dreaming big, and going after everything you have dreamt of.

Charina challenged the status quo. She believed she deserved more, and she knew she wanted more, and that is exactly what she went after. She is taking the modeling industry by storm and has big plans for Unseen International. If you are looking for a reason to go after your dreams, take a risk, and make that big move. Read this interview because Charina will inspire you.

Tell us about yourself? 

My name is Charina Joubert, a dreamer, a visionary, and an all-round gutsy kinda gal with big ambitions, aspirations, and drive. Go big or nothing at all!

I am a Mrs. South Africa Finalist 2019; Panache Women of Wonder Award Winner 2019; The Founder of the NPO #fightback (Fight Back On Facebook/@hashtag_fightback on Instagram) along with side TV & Radio Presenter Tracey Lange and South African professional stunt ma, Actor and owner of Lethal Edge MMA Dean Johnson, as an Activists Against Women and Child Abuse (GBV Violence in our Society); the Owner and CEO of Unseen International Modeling Academy and Management; The Current Mrs. Western Province Finalist 2020 and more than that I am a Mother of two beautiful Son’s and of course married and wife to my Soul Mate and Best Friend for 10 years.

I am a Professional Vocalist and love to write poetry in my spare time. I love modeling, and being a brand ambassador for incredible South African Brands – local is lekker.

I believe if you have the nerve and guts to fight for what you want, no matter what you face, it’s possible. With hard work, dedication, consistency, and perseverance, anything is possible.

Tell us more about Unseen International SA,UK?

Unseen International launched in January 2020 and 5 months we have an incredible team of highly professional individuals with vast experience and passion for the modeling industry and our beautiful students which we are already so proud of. We have managers in The Western Cape and Gauteng.

An Amazing Team namely, Anelisa Thasi (Western Cape Region) and Trudy Zulu (Gauteng and The UK) I am proud to call my team and Managers. They are incredibly accomplished individuals. Anelisa Thasi has a beautiful heart but, in business a phenomenal force to be reckoned with. Anelisa was a previous Mrs. South Africa Finalist 2019 as well and a Computer Analyst by day. Trudy Zulu a beautiful unforgettable soul and is our Gauteng & UK Manager, Top 10 Mrs. South Africa Finalist 2019, and a powerful Business Women and a Phenomenal Manager.

We have a team of 25 coaches all over South Africa and in the UK. We have featured in two online publications – PPMC Magazine and we have been interviewed on MFM Radio in Stellenbosch in our very young existence of only 5 months. We already have incredible students, with massive potential in the industry. Some of our students are preparing for top pageants in South Africa, representing their country and soon to be on international stages doing the same, with the support of Unseen International.

We have exciting news; Unseen South Africa has gone international. We are the Main Selected Pageantry coaches for Africa UK Pageants and have opened Unseen International UK driven by our Manager Trudy Zulu.

We have an incredible team and phenomenal courses that we offer at extremely reasonable costings that are fair, we believe in real value for money.

Lastly, we are looking to become the Top Modeling Academy in South Africa and the world with a focus on the innovation and the future of the Modeling industry.

Why did you start Unseen International SA,UK? 

Wow, this wasn’t the plan. Coming from the Finance industry, I always found myself unhappy and seeking much more in my daily life, my purpose. After entering Mrs. South Africa, I found a passion for the industry. I felt more alive than I’d ever felt before, and I utilized my experience in teaching, sales, marketing, and finance, to truly reinvent a business I believed was my passion.

How did the name Unseen International come about?

Well, I looked into the eyes of the pageantry industry and saw sadly no real change to the cookie-cutter definition of Model and or Beauty.

I felt I needed to focus my attention on the Unseen women and men in my society that needed a platform to recreate themselves but not by changing who they were but by enhancing it.

We transform individuals and provide a ground-breaking syllabus that I spend days creating and preparing, via research to the future of our modeling industry, online pageantry, and job creation within the sector.

What else do you want us to know about Unseen International SA, UK? 

Well, our values have been abbreviated to the phrase “A DIET”. “A” Stands for Acceptance – We accept all who we coach as they are. “D” stands for Diversity. “I” is very important to us as it’s what makes us unique as a business and it stands for innovation. “E” Is for Excellence and Evolution. And lastly, “T” stands for Transparency, Trust and Team.

We are all that, and so much more, we want to provide future gains on current investments.

This is a personal investment within yourself to work with us as coaches, and we want to provide the future of the industry, and that which is to come to benefit our students for many years.

We’ve been called futuristic and trendsetters!

What is your vision behind #fightback 

As one of the Board Members of #fightback, we as a team would like to provide self-defense to our women and children in our society to truly take back their power and find a place of safety to share their stories of recovery and bravery.

What big dream or goal are you currently working towards? 

Through Unseen South Africa Modeling Academy, Management, and Unseen International, my dreams are to walk amongst the greatest names of our time, creating an innovative business that takes the world, national and international industries by storm.

I want to do something great, leave an unforgettable and lasting legacy.

What message do you want to share with the world through Unseen International SA, UK? 

I would like to redefine the definition of beauty.  For me, beauty is raw and real. It’s a person’s story of confidence and self-acceptance. As well as the emotional ups and downs they have faced and conquered with bravery. Models are warriors in our society and are misconceived as beauty only. But they are real men and women who are model individuals in our society.

I’d like to reinvent the fashion industry to a mentality of community. Whereby business no longer competes but instead build one another up.  I want to create multiple job opportunities in the industry which I believe is lacking in the worldwide economies with job creation and retention in this creative field.

To focus our attention on transforming individuals to the best of themselves.

What is your view on females supporting and helping one another? 

It’s necessary. We need to constantly uplift and support one another. We are a vitally important community of beings.

What did your time with Mrs. South Africa 2019 teach you?

That we can formulate a sisterhood by truly supporting one another.  I am now a part of a lifelong sisterhood and it has taught me so much about myself as a person and that I should never give up.

What advice would you give to women looking to start her own business? 

Running a business has truly taught me how imperfect I am, and that, that’s OK. I am humbled daily and grounded by my business, and I learn daily from my team, my managers, coaches, and students. I think starting a business isn’t easy and you have to be gutsy, empathetic, resilient – but I must say it’s worth it. I love what I do.

Do what you love, and you won’t work a day in your life – it is so incredibly true!

It’s worth the ups and downs, and it’s worth the personal life lessons.

Its hard work and its daily consistency.

I get up every day and work a full day and more.

My advice is if you want it, and you willing to fight for it, why not – you only live once.

How to connect with Unseen International SA,UK and Charina Joubert

Contact with me Charina Joubert on 082-391-0931 or email [email protected]

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