Amy and I met in High School and from that moment, we immediately clicked and became friends. Amy has always been passionate and driven and she has also been my constant motivator, supporter and mentor.

One thing I absolutely love about Amy is that all she wants to do is motivate, inspire people and help people. Amy and I always try and make time to get together for Coffee and motivate one another. The moment one of us is needing a pick me up, we are there.

I have honestly never met a more positive driven and dedicated person. Amy is career driven, goal driven and so passionate about building a career she loves. Amy has a National Diploma in Events Management and she runs her own Business in Event Planning and a successful and upcoming Blog.

When I decided I wanted to start an interview series on my blog I could not think of anyone better to start with than my friend Amy.

Here’s Amy’s take on success, overcoming obstacles and what she has planned for the future

1. What was the greatest challenge that you have faced and how did you overcome it?

In my life time, I have gone through many challenges. I would say my greatest challenge was getting my driver’s licence, since I was a teenager I just could not wait to get my licence. It took me more than 3 attempts to get my licence. Every time I failed, it would bring me down and I would feel terrible. But the one thing I had in me was that I did not give up. It was also very expensive to keep on doing my driver’s licence. I kept up doing more and more lessons and every time I had the chance to drive I would. In the end I was able to finally pass my driver’s licence. It felt so good to have passed this and to know that I never gave up. Overcoming challenges in life, I believe it makes us much stronger and helps us achieve our goals in our life.

2. What is your idea of being successful?

To be balanced and doing what you love. I am a big believing in being as balanced as possible in your life. Your success lies in what you are good at and that you love doing what you are doing. When you are passionate about doing something, your success will follow.

3. What is your inspiration behind ‘’The Productive Planner’’

I am a very organised person, and I have always been into things that help me stay productive and organised which is why I started The Productive Planner. I studied events management and wanted to try and merge the two together.

4. What inspires you the most?

This is a tough question…I find that life as a whole really inspires me. There is so much to life that is so fascinating. I love many things, but I would say being around people, especially my family, water, nature and words really inspire me, I like bringing things together to create beautiful things in life, which is what I do. I am The Productive Planner and I love being as productive as possible.

5. What is one thing you find most challenging about building your blog or business?

Being consistent and finding time to produce content I want to put out there. I love what I do but I just wish our days were that little bit longer so that I can put more time and energy into my business and blog.

6. How do you overcome those moments of self-doubt?

I go to my parents, and my boyfriend. If I am ever feeling down or uncertain about something then they are my go to people. I love the way they help me through anything that I am going through.

7. Do you have a role model or mentor that you follow and look up to?

I have many role models in my life. So many things that I am fascinated by and passionate about have stemmed from many inspirational people that I have in my life. Some to name a few are, my parents, they inspire me daily and are the ones who have given me the most confidence in my life. The one who helped me and taught me the way to stay organised was my grade 7 teacher Gow, who I am in regular contact with. Lastly my first boss, she is my mentor. I was very blessed to have had her as my first boss, the amount of work values, work ethic and experiences she has taught me has really shaped me well in my life and career.

8. Where do you see yourself or what do you want for your blog, your business and yourself in the next 5 years?

To swim the Robben Island swim, this has been my lifelong dream. I have started swimming mile swims and am working my way to swimming the Robben Island swim in the next few years. Travelling and exploring new places with the love of my life, Shane. We both love to travel and it is part of our future plans. My projects which are slowly becoming amazing opportunities for me are set to become something incredible for me. As for my business and blog, I would love for it to expand nicely as I have a goal in mind for it and I would very much like to achieve that goal.

9. Tell me something about yourself that your readers would be surprised to hear about?

I am petrified of birds, it has been a fear of mine since I was little. One day I hope to get over my fear of birds. Most people don’t know but I have a passion for the art and drama. I have been blessed with having the opportunity to act as Queen Titania In a Midsummers Nights Dream on the main stage of Artscape Theatre while I was in school.

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