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Every year everyone around the world comes together to celebrate the beginning of a New Year ahead and we all start making new years resolutions and creating goals. We all say “This will be the year” but then you realize its September and the year is almost over and you haven’t achieved one goal. The main question is, are you changing our daily habits in order to make those goals reachable and easier to achieve?

What are your habits that you feel you need to tweak or work on in order to make your goals more achievable.

Wake up earlier

Are you hitting that snooze button every morning when your alarm goes off when you planned the night before that you where going to get up earlier in order to get ahead start of the day? If so, this is your first habit that needs to change. Force yourself to get out of bed. Put your phone on the opposite side of your room so you are forced to get out of bed to switch the alarm off. Getting an early start to the morning is hard at first but once your body has woken up and you have created a routine, you will feel like you are ahead of everyone else.

Eat a proper breakfast

What we put in our bodies is so important. Are you feeling sluggish after breakfast or are you feeling satisfied and ready to start the day? Each morning you need to make sure you feed your body the correct nutrients so you can get through the day and focus on your goals.

Think about the goals you are working towards

Take some time out to think abut your goals and what you are wanting to achieve. Really sit back and spend some time making sure these are the goals you want to work towards.

Think about why you want to achieve those goals

What is your reason for choosing these goals and why are you wanting to achieve them. Make sure you give yourself a reason as this will push you a little harder and make you want to work harder.

Write your goals down

Writing down your goals and what you are wanting to achieve is one step closer to making them happen. Take the time to write the goals down. Writing them down makes it a little more real.

Come up with a game plan

How are you going to make these goals happen? What plan can you put into action in order to bring you closer to achieving these goals. What can you do everyday to make these goals more reachable.

Give yourself a deadline

Give yourself a time in which you are allowed to make these goal happen. Its all good and well writing down your goals and then you never go back to them. We are all guilty of going this. By giving yourself time frame in order to achieve your goals, it will push you a little harder. You will feel pressure to get them done but that is what you want. You don’t want to procrastinate.

Revert back to the goals you wrote down

Which goals have you achieved? Which goals are you close to achieving? Are there some goals that you no longer desire anymore? Going back to the goals you have written down and going through them again will re-instill what you are working towards and it will show you how far you have come.

Achieving your goals will give you such a great feeling of accomplishment. Yes there will be times where you won’t achieve everything you want to achieve but just by you changing your daily habits in order to make these goals happen will give you a sense of accomplishment and a sense of direction.

Reaching our goals isn’t impossible no matter how long it takes us. Some may take longer than others but if you have made the necessary changes in order to make it happen, you are already winning.