Being a successful and ambitious woman is something I have always worked towards and it is something my mother has always pushed me to strive for. It’s something that I continue to work towards every day.

Success to one woman may mean having a car; a house, traveling the world or having all the money she could ever want, but to another woman success may mean having a happy home with a happy family.

To each woman success is different and we should all strive and work for for the success we want.

She knows her finances

A successful woman takes responsibility for her finances. She knows exactly what she earns and what her expenses are.

She sticks to a budget

Successful women stick to a budget.  Every month they work out what their expenses are and make sure everything is paid before spending money on anything else.

She knows how to carry herself

Have you ever seen those women that just look like they are oozing confidence when they walk? That is because she knows her worth and knows what she can offer to the world.

She takes care of her body and health

A successful woman knows that being skinny isn’t everything; instead she strives to be happy and healthy instead of skinny.

She takes on challenges with open arms

Overcoming challenges makes every successful woman feel powerful. Taking on something you aren’t sure you can overcome gives a woman a sense of success and accomplishment. It motivates you to push harder and longer. You won’t know if you don’t try, so take on that challenge.

Do what you have to do now so you can do what you want to do later

Doing what you have to do now while working towards what you want to do. Successful women grind now, push now and do what they have to do now so they can do what they want later. If that means working that 9 – 5 job until your business is up and running then so be it.