Many underestimate the importance of having a best friend in business. Essentially a business bestie. This person will be your Blair Waldorf to your Serena van der Woodsen or your peanut butter to your jelly. Having a business bestie is a crucial part of your overall success.

Many already have a business bestie among your friends. This could be the person you turn to when you have a new idea for your business and you need an honest opinion on it, or you call them the moment you have accomplished something spectacular, or you ask them to proofread your sales pitch and you proofread theirs. A business bestie believes in your business goals, your ideas, and your ability to achieve them.

While you make waves, change the world, and build the career and life of your dreams, it’s never fun to do alone. You want to share those exciting times with someone that gets it and gets you. Here’s why you should get yourself a business bestie.

You brainstorm business ideas together

Brainstorming together is always better than brainstorming alone. Having someone genuinely interested in your business, your business goals, that helps you brainstorm ideas for your business is so important. Having a person that shares their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with you will keep everything in perspective and can do incredible things for your business. I have a friend that I turn to with every business idea, blog idea and we often collaborate on so many different things because we are both on the same level, brainstorming together. This will drive you, your business, and your business besties business in the right direction.

They inspire you to keep pushing

When you are regularly surrounded by a business bestie that is blazing her trail and succeeding in life, that pushes you to do the same. It’s a ripple effect and the motivation you obtain from surrounding yourself with your business bestie will only benefit you and your business in the long run. Their vibe and ambition will rub off on you and drive your motivation to get you to your business goals.

You celebrate each other’s wins

Was your business launch a success? Did your new e-book completely sell out? Whatever it may be, the best thing about having a business bestie is that you have someone to celebrate your wins with. Someone who understands your business goals and celebrates your success with you. They recognize the blood, sweat, and tears you put into that launch, E-Book, or business plan and, celebrating those accomplishments together is what having a business bestie is all about.

They review your work

Whether you are revamping your website or organizing a new event for your business. Having a business bestie that reviews your work to help catch things you could have missed or check your spelling on a recently published blog post. It’s essential to have a fresh set of eyes to assist with those finer details. That’s why you need a business bestie. Someone to bounce off of and, while you check her business plan and sales pitch, she proofreads your blog posts and introduction to your event launch.

Reminds you that you are not alone

The business world or entrepreneurial world can get pretty lonely at times. Especially now, since everything is online and digital we often don’t need to connect with many on the outside world while you are completely engrossed in building your business. But having a business bestie to chat with and confide in when you have those down days is crucial. Your business bestie will bring you down to earth, force you to take a breather, and push you to continue creating the business of your dreams because she knows what you are going through. She has either been through it or is going through it with you.

Your business bestie will be one of the most important, special, and amazing relationships you will ever have. The impact you have on each other and your businesses will be huge. You will grow, evolve, and change with one another. They will love you, support you, celebrate you, and help you be a better person, business owner, and boss babe.

Make sure you get yourself a Business Bestie and never let them go.