Do you find yourself just going through the motions? Especially during these uncertain times, we find ourselves in. For many, we are spending our days going through the same routines, and not paying attention to how we spend our days. You have goals you want to achieve, you have dreams you want to make a reality but, starting can be hard. This is when you know it is time to show up for yourself, and the way you can do that is by getting intentional about showing up for yourself.

But, how can you get intentional about your day? How can you show up for yourself every day that will not only make you feel inspired, motivated, and productive but also powerful, accomplished, and excited to take on the next day?

Truth is, it is simple, or it can be simple if you are willing to start slow and just continue from there. One thing we do not realize is the power we have over our day. We kind of wake up, and go through the motions until it’s time to get into bed, but when you understand that you hold the power over how you feel every day, how you respond to people and things that happen around you and how you choose to start and end your day, your mindset shifts and you start controlling what happens in your daily life and you start getting intentional with yourself and your day.

If you are interested in showing up for yourself every day, get inspired, and start on the path of being intentional, this post has been written for you.

Craft a morning and daily vision for yourself

What vision do you have for yourself? Do you ever lie in bed at night and think about waking up early to get a head start on your day, only to wake up the next day and that does not happen at all? You snooze your alarm multiple times before dragging yourself out of bed. The moment you change this and stop hitting that snooze button, get up, and start your day the way you envision it, is the moment magic happens. I cannot stress enough how important it is to create a daily vision for yourself and try your best to live that vision. Start your morning the right way and watch everything else fall into place.

Send yourself loving and kind energy

How do you speak to yourself every day when you looking in the mirror before heading out the door? Do you speak kindly to yourself and show love to yourself, or do you find yourself speaking badly to yourself with unkind words? Get intentional with how you treat yourself because how you speak to yourself and think of yourself is going to show in your daily life. When you find yourself being mean, or speaking to yourself negatively, stop yourself immediately and think of one thing you love about yourself, just one thing, and focus on that until that negative thought is completely gone. You need to be intentional with how you speak to yourself because how you see yourself and the way you show up for yourself says everything and believe me, the universe responds to the love and kindness you show yourself.

Elevate your lifestyle and daily life with the small things

There is great importance in looking and feeling good when you are heading out the door. Even though you work in a casual environment and you will always feel more powerful, accomplished, and powerhouse when you put a bit of thought into your outfit for the day. This could be as simple as wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a stunning leather jacket that makes you feel powerful, or it could be adding some chic earring to your outfit that makes you feel glamorous. Be intentional with what you wear. I know that for many, we don’t put much thought into our outfits especially during this uncertain time but, I can guarantee you, it changes everything, and sometimes, all it takes is a chic jacket or some statement earrings.

Write down your plan for the day

The power in pen to paper and writing down your plan for the day is powerful. The moment you put pen to paper and writing down everything you need and want to accomplish that day, it will make you feel more productive and in control, and the moment you start ticking off everything on that list,  it will make you feel even more powerful and excited to take on the next day. We all have goals and plans for the day, and we sometimes do not realize the power in writing everything down and seeing it in front of us and as we tick it off as we go through the day. Honestly, try this for just a week, and it will completely change your life. When you become intentional with your plan for the day, that alone is a game-changer.

How you use your time is important, be intentional about it

Time is the one commodity that we need to appreciate and use wisely. Being intentional with your time almost gives you more time in a day, I know that sounds weird but when you get intentional about how your spend your time, who you spend it with and what you spend it on, you start showing up for yourself more and doing the things you love more. After all, why should you spend more time doing the things you do not love? Be intentional with your time, and make sure you are spending your time doing what you love and spending it with those you love and want around.

It is your divine birthright to go after everything you have ever wanted in life, and it is your divine birthright to make sure you show up for yourself every day and make yourself proud. There is nothing more exciting and powerful than a woman that knows her worth and shows up for herself every day. You are worth it, and the moment you decide to show up for yourself every day, you are proving to yourself that you are worthy, you are important, and you are in control.