Are you a woman on the edge of change? Do you feel yourself moving in a completely different direction than everyone had planned for you? You find yourself dreaming of a completely different life for yourself, and you are ready for change. You are open to change, and you are calling for change.

The norm can feel suffocating. It can feel expected and comfortable, yet you find yourself dreaming of a life that forces you to take risks, challenges you daily, makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, and able to do the things you have only ever dreamed of. If you are feeling this way and dreaming of this life, why do you think you can’t achieve it? Have you asked yourself that question?

For many, we have obstructions in our way that we don’t even know are there. We have created this invisible wall for ourselves that we never know how to get over or around. And once we try and fail a couple of times, we eventually give up and walk back to the norm that is suffocating us. Why is this?

What you need to know before you read any further is that the life you dream of so much but think is unattainable, actually is attainable but, only if you are willing to be consistent and work hard. You can’t expect to get it right the first time. You need to be open to failing on more than one occasion before that big break happens before that magical moment happens and before you realize one day, that you actually did achieve the life of your dreams.

As someone who is still working towards becoming the woman I want to be, I want to share with you what I do to break through my barriers and obstructions. It’s simple, but it took some serious courage.

I try. I just simply try. And a lot of the time I fail and I fail hard, but I get back up, and I keep trying because the way I look at it is if I keep trying, and I keep getting up every time I fail, I am a lot closer than the person not trying, and not getting up each time they fail. Every successful person you have ever looked up to has failed at some point in their lives. They have broken their backs trying to get where they are today, and guess what? They got there because they simply kept trying. So why shouldn’t you?

I stopped caring about what others think. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I have a tribe that is completely supportive of my ambitions, goals, ideas, and sometimes crazy ideas, and I am going to come across a few people that are going to judge me every single step of the way. They may think my writing is bad, and I should stop writing altogether, or the business I created isn’t going to be a success. Either way, I realized not everyone is going to be in my corner, and that’s something I need to be ok with while keeping those that are in my corner very close to me.

I wrote down my fears and started doing everything I was fearful of. Fear is a necessary part of life, but it can also be incredibly debilitating. It can hold the most successful people back from launching a business, talking at an event, or voicing their opinions, but when you acknowledge fear, accept it but do it anyway, things start to change. You start to change. You become the person you are so desperately working toward becoming, and that alone is a success. So, the next time you fear doing something, just do it anyway and watch your life change immediately.

I write down everything I am capable of and reaffirm them every single day. Yes, I do this every day, and I highly recommend you do it every day because it seriously works. Have you ever found yourself either driving home or on your way home, and your mind suddenly drifts off to a place of complete negativity? You start second-guessing every plan you have made to move forward in life, and your mind rattles off every reason why you aren’t qualified enough to do something or why you shouldn’t do something? This happens all too often, and it can stop you in your tracks, but when you start reaffirming why you are capable of doing something, you retrain your mind to think differently, and honestly, you start believing in yourself more, which is exactly how it should be. Remember, you are your greatest supporter, and you need to make sure your mind is always in your corner.

For a moment, today, tomorrow or the next day, I want you to reaffirm why you are capable of everything you want in life. I want you to tell yourself why you can start that business or why you should be up on that stage giving a speech. Your life changes when you change, but first, you need to be ok with getting uncomfortable during this process because believe me, it will be, but it will also be so worth it in the end.

Stop letting fear, the opinions of others, and possible failure get in your way. You are capable of some incredible things in life.