Starting your mornings the right way are so important in order for you to feel happy, productive and ready to take on the day.

With the year coming to an end and the new year around the corner, I would say this is a perfect time to buckle down and establish a morning routine that works for you.

There is nothing worse than waking up and immediately knowing you have to rush just to get to work on time. This is something I used to do every morning and yes getting that extra 30 minutes s sleep was amazing but it really didn’t help my productivity or mood.

Now each person is different and what works for me may not work for you but figuring out what works for you and implementing that will make getting up earlier a whole lot easier.

Plan the night before

Preparing the night before is the best way to get a head start in the morning. No one wants to wake up and start rushing around looking for things they could have sorted our the night before. I always prepare my clothes, handbag and lunch the night before. This means I can wake up without feeling stressed about getting things done in the morning. You will feel so much more organised and a lot more positive about the day ahead.

Start your morning doing something you love

I absolutely love drinking warm honey and lemon water in the morning. After I have kick started my metabolism I put on gym clothes and do some sort of workout. Some mornings I hit the road running and other mornings I do some home workouts to tone. Either way, Starting the morning with a workout is always the best for me.

Take some time to plan your day

Each morning after my workout I have some quiet time to plan my day and what I want to achieve for the day ahead. I never make the list too long and I concentrate on the most important things that I need to get done for the day. This is such a big part of my day. I don”t think I would be able to be as productive during the day if I didn’t take time to plan my day.

Listen to motivational talks

This is one thing I am completely and utterly obsessed with. Every morning, without fail I take 5 minutes to listen to a Motivational Video by the amazing and inspirational “Your World Within“. You will find him on Youtube. He creates the most inspiring and motivational videos that really get you going in the morning.

Get dressed and feel good

Feeling good and feeling confident in what you are wearing is so important. Woman can take over the world if they feel good in what they are wearing. I always take some time to get ready. Do your hair, do your make up and dress up for work. This will motivate you to get the day started and you will feel confident and eager throughout the day.

Creating a morning routine that improves your mood and makes you happier is always a good idea. Take the time to figure out what you love to do in the morning and what makes you more productive.

I would love to know what you do in the morning to get you ready for the day ahead. Leave me a comment.