Have you given much thought to how you see yourself? Are you conducting your business and life like a Queen, or are you holding back and staying in Princess mode? I want you to take a moment and ask yourself these questions before we carry on?

  • Do you speak to yourself with kindness and care?
  • Do you speak about your business with love and care?
  • How do you see your business?
  • Are you conducting your business and life like a Queen?
  • Are you picky with your time or is it easily given out?

These questions are an important part of figuring out if you are conducting your business and life like a Queen or not. Because you are a Queen, and you should always conduct your business and life like a Queen.

As women, we are often very hard on ourselves, our business and with life in general. We second guess, we freely hand out our time to those who don’t deserve it, and we allow others who should have no say in our businesses and lives to have a say in our businesses and lives. A Queen doesn’t do this. A Queen knows her worth, her abilities, and what she is capable of doing, and she never allows the opinions of others to dictate how her business and life is run.

A Queen knows her worth

A Queen knows her worth, and she knows her time is valuable, and should only be spent around those that inspire, support, and motivate her. Your time is precious. It is just as precious as the next person’s time, so you need to stop handing it out so freely.

If someone doesn’t inspire, support and motivate you, but instead questions your every move and always makes you feel less like a Queen in your business and life, then it’s time to step away and take back that valuable time you are so freely giving away.

A Queen knows what she is capable of

You know what you are capable of, and you should never let the opinions of others talk you out of doing everything you want to do. As a Queen, be brave enough to go after everything you want in life even though you have people telling you not to. You are the only person that can stand in your way, and as a Queen, you get out of your own way so you can make some moves and make it happen so when someone comes to you and questions your business plan, goals and dreams, you know they aren’t your people.

A Queen doesn’t need or seek validation for her moves

A Queen is sure of herself. She knows who she is and never seeks validation for her moves. A Queen doesn’t need permission to move forward, make a change, and make it big. She gives herself the permission slip to be everything she has ever wanted to be, and if people don’t support, or like the moves she is making, then so be it. You are the Queen, stop seeking validation, and give it to yourself.

A Queen knows a supportive community is important

A Queen knows her worth, and she knows that surrounding herself with women and men that only support and motivate her is an important part of Queen hood. It’s important to a Queen to learn, grow, and inspire those around her, and that is why she builds a community that is nothing but that. People are born to socialize, we thrive when we around like-minded driven people and it’s a vital part of success. A Queen finds her community, holds them close, learns from them, and inspires them.

So many women, including myself, have operated on Princess level instead of Queen level. A Princess asks for permission, seeks validation, gives away her time and waits for the go-ahead but a Queen, she waits for no one. She is her own validation, her time is precious to her, and she grants herself her own permission slip to step out and do what she wants to do.

For a moment, think about everything you have just ready and figure out of you are operating on Queen level or Princess level? Because you are a Queen and never let anyone tell you differently.