After a Manic Monday, many underhanded comments, and bad vibes, I decided this was a topic I just had to talk about. I have a quick question before I dig into this topic. Why do we feel the need to bash each other, throw shade, and make underhanded comments towards other women around us? What do we get out of making another woman feel bad, hurt, or insecure about themselves? Why do we deliberately try and hurt each other instead of supporting and celebrating each other.

I got to the office this morning and was immediately thrown an underhanded and mean comment. The comment hurt and naturally, I retaliated in the nicest way possible and went about my day. After sitting at my desk for a while I immediately felt a huge amount of hurt and anger. I had just walked through the door, what did I do to deserve such a mean and hurtful comment? We don’t deserve this, especially not from each other.

Why do we not support and celebrate one another? Why do we not give a compliment instead of so easily handing out a rude comment about their clothing, acne on their face, body weight, or whatever else we feel we have the right to bash?

I don’t want to act all high and mighty like I have never taken part in bashing a woman, because I have. Let it be someone I saw on Instagram, Facebook, on the street, or even at work. I have taken part in bashing another woman and it is something I am NOT proud of and one thing I have realized is that we need to stop this. We need to stop hurting one another. We need to stop making each other feel insecure. We need to stop gossiping about each other. Imagine what a better environment we would all be in if we celebrated, supported and got excited for each other.

”Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter”

My heart honestly breaks for us women. It breaks because so many of us, including myself wake up every day more concerned about what other women are doing, instead of focusing on our own goals and success. We spend so much of our time and energy hating on one another that we feel are more successful, had a better upbringing, had a better chance in life, or had an easier life. By doing this we are allowing ourselves to become sour and bitter.

‘People who can’t stand the success of others will never experience their own”

As women, we already all deal with so much. We are striving for career success, home life success, raising families, educating ourselves and so much more. We take on so much, we run with whatever comes our way and make things happen. Don’t we have enough stress in our lives? Don’t we have enough negativity in our lives from the news, mean comments on Facebook and Instagram? Don’t we have enough to deal with as it is and now we must still deal with the mean comments and bashing from our fellow women around us.

We are all built for success and we are all on our own road to success. My success, may not necessarily be your kind of success and that’s fine. Let’s not bash that person’s success just because it’s not what you agree with.

Some of us were born to be mothers and some of us don’t want children and that’s fine. Some of us were made to command the corporate world and completely kill it at work and that’s great. Some prefer to stay at home with their kids and raise them full time and that’s amazing. Our choices are our choices and they should never be criticized by another woman. As Women we should understand the struggle and the strength it takes to take on each day with our heads held high while trying our best not to let anything get us down.

Starting today, let’s support one another. Let’s celebrate one another. When you get to work in the morning, compliment your colleague. Give a random girl on the street a compliment about her shoes if you like them. Congratulate someone on their success and achievements. Encourage someone that is studying part-time and working full time. Let’s help one another and be there for one another. Let’s be a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh with. Let’s care for each other because only great things can start from there.