There is nothing quite as powerful as a woman on the edge of change. A woman that knows the type of woman she wants to be and isn’t afraid to go after her. After all, all women deserve to become the woman they want to be and I believe in harnessing that power and building on it.

Becoming the woman, you want to be is an ongoing process. It takes daily work and the work never really stops. As you grow older, you evolve, change, and grow as a person. Your needs and wants change and the woman you want to become changes as the year’s pass.

It’s exciting. Evolving, changing, and adapting to everyday life and building on the woman you want to be. Imagine working on becoming the woman you want to be every day. I really cannot think of anything more exciting. As you evolve and grow into the woman you want to be, new doors open. Opportunities present themselves and you take on challenges you never thought you would ever take on. The strength that comes with becoming the woman you want to be is incredible and it’s a process you should value, welcome, and embrace as you move in the direction of becoming that woman.

If anyone ever second-guesses, questions, or undermines the woman you are so deeply working towards, you need to stand tall in your process of creating her. Be proud of creating her and never let the opinion of someone else stop you from becoming the woman you want to be.

As I move into the woman I want to be and enjoy the process, I always like to ask myself a few valuable questions that help me ensure I am in line with that powerful woman I am striving to become.

What I am doing today, will it bring me closer to the woman I want to be and what I want to achieve as that woman?

Is my daily routine in line with the woman I want to be?

What can I do today that will bring me closer to becoming that woman I want to be?

How can I support myself and my dreams more?

Am I loving myself correctly and trusting the process of becoming the woman I want to be?

Am I surrounding myself with those that support my vision for myself and understand my thought behind working towards the woman I want to be?

It is so important to take a moment, now and then, to ensure you are on the right path. With direction, there can come many different forks in the road, and often we need to take a step back and make sure we are heading in the direction we want to go in.

You hold tremendous power when it comes to your future, and you decide your future, where you want to be, and who you want to be. Ensure your daily routine and everyday decisions are in line with the woman you want to be and deserve to be.