It costs nothing to be a cheerleader to a woman that has just accomplished something big. It costs nothing to cheer a woman on that is feeling nervous about making a big move and putting herself out there. It costs nothing to position yourself as a cheerleader in your industry and build on that. If you do, you are empowering yourself, building a thriving community, and empowering women around you.

As many of us hashtag female empowerment and women who inspire women, we need to make sure we are living our hashtags, and we aren’t just using them without trying to have a positive impact.

Female empowerment and being a cheerleader is not a trend, and it’s something all women need to embrace more. Imagine what could happen if we all cheered each other on instead of putting each other down. Imagine the power in celebrating each other’s wins instead of feeling like another woman’s success only takes away from your own.

Being a cheerleader isn’t tough. It isn’t hard, and it’s something you are going to want more of and want to do more of as you experience the power and community it brings with it.

Celebrate each other’s wins

Celebrating a win of a fellow #BossBabe is only going to inspire you to up your game, do more, and push harder. There is nothing better than being surrounded by women that are accomplishing tremendous success and celebrating that success with them. They always say, ‘’you become like the five people you surround yourself with the most’’, and if you are going to surround yourself with women who inspire you and motivate you and you celebrate their wins with them, you are on the right track.

You build a community that helps you thrive

By surrounding yourself with these women and celebrating their success with them, you are building a community of women that are going to celebrate your success with you. They are going to be there to pick you up on the days you feel low and give you the support you need when making a big business or life move.

Your motivation is spiked every time you cheer for a fellow #BossBabe

I always feel so motivated and inspired after I chat with a good friend about her success. She recently reached a milestone in her career, and I had been along for the ride from the start. From the interview process to receiving the job offer, her first day, and until the day she reached that amazing milestone in her career and can I tell you, it was inspiring and so motivating to be that friend’s cheerleader. I was able to be there for her on her darkest days, watch her push past everything that was holding her back, and see her thrive. It’s incredible, and the feeling of being a cheerleader is incredible.

When you hashtag female empowerment and women who inspire women, make sure you are living that hashtag. Be a cheerleader, a motivator, and a fellow #BossBabe ready to help women up when they are knocked down. It costs nothing to be a woman that cheers for other women. Be that woman.