As a cheerleader for women around the world and someone that thrives on helping others thrive, I wanted to create Iconic Change Co to support, inspire, and motivate women around the world. Life has taught us that women need to compete with one another instead of collaborating and that is something Iconic Change Co and me, the Founder want to change.

There is a tremendous amount of power in coming together, supporting one another, and cheering each other on and that is something that we need to build on and incorporate into our daily lives. Imagine the power and the feeling of unity that comes along with being in a room full of women that are not only like-minded but collaborating and supporting each person’s movement and offering to lend a helping hand along the way.

With community, comes growth and with growth comes success. And success is a lot more fun when you have people to celebrate it with that understand the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making your dreams a reality.

Iconic Change Co is here to create change and build on that change for women around the world. Women that are on the edge of change and ready to make a change but need to support and kindness that should come with change.

I am a cheerleader for women ready for something new, something different, and know that they are destined for me. Iconic Change Co is here to help you find your purpose, address your limiting beliefs, move past self-doubt, and go after everything you have ever wanted while I stand here cheering you on along the way.

Female Empowerment is a movement, and it’s a movement Iconic Change Co and myself, Tarryn Christy are passionate about.

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