As I sit here in the TarrynChristy HQ which really only consists of my tiny little desk in the corner of my lounge, it got me thinking. Only do what lights your soul on fire, and only surround yourself with those that inspire you like nothing on earth. Girls gotta do what a girl gotta do when it comes to building her business, creating her brand, and building the life of her dreams. If there is anything this crazy worldwide pandemic and lockdown has taught me is that we spend to much time doing the things we don’t want to do. Before lockdown, I had planned every weekend and was spending my time doing things that didn’t light my soul on fire. I felt more drained than ever when the new week rolled on.

Since lockdown, I have spent more time dedicating myself to being more creative, evolving my brand, and brainstorming new idea’s for my blog, business, and brand. I have connected with my girls abroad so much more because I have had more time to connect, chat, and get to know them. I’ve also learned to appreciate the time spent with those I love so much more. Our time is limited, and I don’t want to sound morbid or anything but, why do we give our time away so freely to those that don’t love us and to what does not set our souls on fire? This shit needs to stop!

I know this global pandemic has been intense on so many. With job losses, economies suffering, and so much more. One thing I have noticed is that this pandemic has forced people to pivot, think outside of the box, become more creative, and start a business. It’s been incredible to watch people go from losing their job which was terrible to creating their own business that is now thriving. We decide what we are willing to accept, and for many, they weren’t going to allow this pandemic to knock them down and keep them down, if anything, they have come back a thousand times stronger, and that alone inspires me.

The next time someone questions your choice to stay home on a Friday night instead of going out, remind yourself that a girls gotta do what a girl gotta do when it comes to building her business, creating her brand, and building the life of her dreams. This is your journey, and it’s going to be an incredible one if you are willing to put in the hours, work hard every day, and make shit happen for yourself.

We all have to start somewhere, and that’s something to remember. Like me, sitting at the TarrynChristy HQ, that is just a desk in the corner of my lounge, and you could end up like the founder of Amazon who is now the richest man in the world. Your future and where you want to go in life are up to you and the choices you make today. Nothing can stand in your way if you know what you are capable of, and you are willing to go after it!