Finding time for yourself and your self-care can be challenging when you are starting in your career. You find yourself constantly on a tight schedule, juggling personal life, friendships, relationships, and trying to find an hour for yourself can be tough. Nonetheless, neglecting your self-care will catch up with you in the long run as it could leave to stress and possibly a burnout and negatively impact other areas of your life.

So how do you juggle your career, personal life, self-care, and everything in between? Here’s how.

Make sure you get enough rest & sleep

Ensuring you get enough rest and sleep after busy and stressful days is vitally important to your overall health. We often underestimate a good night’s sleep or taking an hour to ourselves to just rest and recharge. Remind yourself that the less sleep you have the less productive you will be. You will lose focus and lack creativity because your mind and body are tired. Being tired will also make you more irritable and annoyed which will not benefit those around you or your career. You always want to put your best foot forward in your career and getting a good night’s rest is the first step in doing that.

Learn when to switch off social media & technology

We live in an age where everything is done online. We work online, we shop online, and we socialize online. Implementing a time to turn off the phones, computers, and tablets is so important to give your brain time to relax and unwind from the busy day you have just had. Have you ever realized how often you check your phone? It is probably an insane amount so implementing turning off all technology as part of your self-care routine is a smart move.

Commit to eating as healthy as possible

Sometimes being a busy career girl means you skip lunch and work right through or you shoot out of the office to get a quick take away lunch before your next meeting. It happens and it is normal but try and commit to eating as healthy as you can every day. What you put in your body is what shows on the outside and it fuels you for the day. Food affects your performance and energy levels and its an important part of self-care. Keep track of what you are eating and make sure its food that will give you the boost and energy you need to take on the day.

Take a moment to celebrate your wins

Another important part of self-care is celebrating the small wins. Celebrating your achievements and acknowledge how far you have come. As career women we tend to be hard on ourselves, always expecting nothing but the best and perfection. From now on, at the end of every day take a moment to relax with a glass of wine (or coffee) and write down all the small things you want to celebrate for the day that has just passed and be proud of yourself. Allow yourself to relish in your wins and excite yourself for the future wins that are to come.  This keeps your goals and dreams in perspective, and it allows you to take a moment for yourself.