I have recently done a huge audit in my life and these are a few rules I have implemented in my life that I am trying my best to live by. Things get hard with everyday life happening. One thing I noticed in the past couple of months was that I never really had time to do the things I needed and wanted to do. I was always checking emails at 3 am. I was making constant excuses as to why I couldn’t do things. Basically, I realised it was time to take the time to make much-needed changes in my life and daily routine.

I decided to create rules for myself because I want to hold myself accountable for my life. Only I can make the changes I need to make in order to have more time, work on my goals and just be better and more productive in general.

  1. Wake up at 04:30 am

I try my best to get up at 04:30 am every morning in order to have more time for myself. I like having a relaxed start to my morning which gives me time to meditate, journal and prepare for the day ahead without feeling super rushed. People say ‘’Win the morning and you will win the day’’ and I cannot agree more with that statement. When I get up early I automatically feel like I have a head start on the day. Who doesn’t want a head start on the day?

  1. Switch off by 9 pm

I have a pretty demanding job which requires me to work after hours and weekends and at one stage I was really struggling with finding a balance between work and life. On top of that, I blog so I spend a lot of time in front of the laptop and on social media. I realised all I really needed to do was give myself a cut off time. A time where I switch off the emails, social media and the laptop and let my mind and body relax. I try my utmost to switch off by 9pm. Some nights I get it right and some nights I struggle. Either way, its a work in progress.

  1. Work on my goals more

I spend so much time during the week working for a boss, making her dreams a reality and I love my job. Its incredibly rewarding but I realised I cannot spend so many hours a day working for someone else, making their dreams happen and not come home and make time for my own dreams and plans. This is where my 04:30 am mornings come in. I have to ensure I am making time for my goals. It’s up to me.

  1. No more excuses

Have you ever wanted to do something or start something but all you can come up with is endless excuses as to why you shouldn’t start it? Well, that’s been my problem in the past and I will no longer allow excuses to stop me from at least trying. I am in charge of my own thoughts, dreams, plans, and goals and I need to make them happen. So no more excuses for me.

  1. Always be the hardest worker in the room

This is something I firmly believe and this is something I tell others. I believe in always being the hardest worker in the room. It doesn’t matter if something isn’t in my job description, I will be there with my hand up and ready to take on the task even if I have no idea how to do it. Even if I feel I don’t have time. I will make time.

  1. Learn to listen before I respond

I am a very reactive person and I often say things without actually thinking about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to respond. I try my best to think before I speak. Especially if I am upset or disagree with something. Words cannot be unsaid and this is something I constantly remind myself of.

  1. Make my commute productive, motivational and educational

It takes me about an hour to get to work every morning and it takes about the same time to get home every day. I always felt like my commutes to work and back was wasted time. I was either listening to music or just looking out a window waiting for my stop. I’ve started making my commute more productive, motivational and educational. I either read, listen to motivational talks or write out notes for my blog while I’m on my way home to and from work. Its free time and I always feel so positive and motivated after doing this in the mornings and afternoons.

If you have any rules or habits you live by. Comment them below. I would love to hear from you.