We all have those days where you get to the office and your ready to start the day and before you know it, the day is over and it feels like you haven’t gotten to half the things you wanted to get to in the day? Are you struggling with time management and getting through the million things you need to do in one day. This is something that happens to me all the time and its something absolutely everyone struggles with at some point in their lives.

When you create and maintain good time management skills, you will have freedom from deadlines, stress and anxiety. You will have more time to relax and get through everything in one day.

Make a list

Lists do work. Once you have written down everything you need to get through in the day, start ticking them off once you have completed them. At the end of the day when you go back to check what you have completed, you will feel a lot more relaxed and happy with everything you have managed to get through. Just make sure you listing attainable things. No one wants a list of 20 things to do, when you can only really get through 10 things. Priorities what is more important and what needs to be done today.

Set yourself a deadline

You need to be realistic when it comes to giving yourself a deadline to get certain things done. You cant always push them back if something else pops up. Sometimes you just need to put your head down and work in order to get them done. Give yourself a couple days to get everything done as this will also leave some space and time for unexpected things that pop up.

Stop trying to multi task

I hear this over and over from so many people. Multitaskers aren’t really being efficient. You need to learn to work smarter and not harder. Most Multitaskers end up making so many mistakes because they are in a constant rush to get everything done in one day. Stop, take a step back and plan your day.

Use “some” of your personal time

Now there is a fine line between using all your free time in order to get stuff done and using “some” of your down time. Use your morning commute to work to plan your day and make a list. Take an hour out of your weekend to sit down quietly and plan your week ahead. I find setting aside time on a Sunday to get ahead start on the week always makes me feel more positive about the new week.

Organise your work space

Get your work space organised. There is nothing more distracting than an untidy work space. This will just clutter your mind and you wont be able to focus on what is most important and what you want to get through.

Reward yourself

Once you have managed to complete everything you wanted to get done and you have managed to maintain good time management skills, you should reward yourself. I would suggest rewarding yourself with something healthy and something you enjoy doing. Good time management skills are essential for making your days just a little easier. Figure out what works best for you and stick with it.