As you start your career, a new position, or apply for a new job, many women struggle with confidence and often feel insecure in the workplace. This insecurity has, unfortunately, stopped many from taking that job offer, accepting that promotion, or applying for a job. It can be tough to be confident when you are left to deal with an intimidating boss, or you find yourself keeping quiet in a meeting that you should have spoken up in. Either way, finding your confidence in the workplace can be hard but it most certainly is not impossible. Nothing is impossible and here are four ways to build your confidence in your workplace.

Don’t be afraid to ask 10 million questions (yes, 10 million)

Never be afraid to ask questions. Ask as many questions as you can. As you move into your new role, start your career, or interview for that amazing job you have wanted for so long, we often don’t want to be that person that asks ‘’to many’’ questions. I say different. Asking questions shows you are eager to learn, genuinely interested in the company, their policies, and procedures, and it shows you want to learn as much as possible to improve your performance at the company. Asking questions will play in your favor.

Always ask for feedback

Always be open to feedback. Constructive criticism is perfect for growing in the workplace. When you can take honest and honest criticism, this forces growth which intern boosts your confidence in your abilities. After all, no one ever knows it all, and even the experts had to ask for feedback at some stage in their career for them to get to where they are today. When you receive feedback from colleagues and managers, it allows room for improvement and you learn what you are successful in. It’s a win-win for all.

Make sure you are owning your mistakes.

Know when you have made a mistake, own it, and move past it. You aren’t perfect and mistakes are inevitable. Mistakes are something we all deal with, but having the ability to own your mistake and move past it is important. Mistakes allow for growth. If we never made mistakes we would never grow or learn. When you are open to acknowledging a mistake and willing to fix it, that shows confidence and eagerness to move forward.

Focus on your strengths while you improve your weaknesses

Many focus solely on their weaknesses as opposed to acknowledging their strengths. A reason you could be feeling insecure at work is that you are focusing so much on your weaknesses when you should be spending more time focusing on your strengths. You know what you are good at, you know what you can bring to the table, so focus on developing those strengths and build on them so the next time someone comes to you in need of something that could be your strength, this will boost your confidence and while you help someone, they could help you with a weakness. Yet another win-win.

Acknowledge and celebrate your wins 

You knocked it out of the park at that meeting or you brought in a new client. It could be anything. It’s so important to celebrate those wins. When something great happens, make sure you are taking time to relish in it and celebrate it. Remember, a job well done is always a confidence booster. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you have achieved something great.

As women, we tend to second-guess ourselves, doubt our abilities, and talk ourselves out of some amazing opportunities. Starting now, let’s try and talk ourselves into those amazing opportunities and focus on our strengths.