I think we have all found ourselves in some sort of rut at some time or another. This is normal and it’s a part of life. It can be hard to stay motivated, driven, and ready for the next challenge all the time. As humans we get comfortable and we like comfortable but sometimes comfortable can become a rut. You get stuck in your daily routine, your routine job, and your routine plans.

Routine and comfortable are great but to progress and move forward, you need to move past comfortable and routine.

Are you feeling comfortable where you are now but you are always wanting or thinking about something better or you are constantly dreaming of a better life or a better job? If you are then you could be in a rut.

So, how do you get out of being in a rut?

Acknowledge that you are in a rut

Instead of denying that you are stuck in a rut just acknowledge it. Once you do this you are already making a conscious decision to understand why you are there and what is keeping you in that rut. When you decide to acknowledge it you are preparing yourself for change and moving forward.

Create a plan to get out of that rut

Now that you have taken the time to understand why you are in the rut and what is keeping you there, you can start making plans that will help you get yourself out of the rut. This could be changing your morning routine, eventually starting your own business, or even starting to look for another job that will challenge you more and excite you more. Once you create a plan things become real. They become possible and they become exciting. Make getting out of this rut exciting.

It doesn’t need to be perfect

Understand that everything you are doing doesn’t need to be perfect. If you plan to wake up at 4:30 every morning but one day you only manage to wake up at 5:00 that’s ok because the other 4 days you woke up at 4:30. You are trying and that is all you can do. Trying is better than not trying at all.

Celebrate your small wins

Celebrate your small wins. If you do this, you will want to go further. You need to focus on what you are getting right. When you achieve those small wins, it will bring you closer to your reaching your end goal. Celebrating your small wins will leave you with a sense of pride and you will feel more driven than ever to keep moving forward.

Find a friend that helps motivate you

It gets hard always having to motivate yourself. Sometimes we need that push from someone else. Having someone that is on the same page as you, understands your goals, dreams and what drives you is someone you need to keep very close. This person will get you excited about the progress you have made and the progress you want to make. Use each other as a pillar of strength. Lean on one another when you are feeling down and demotivated.

We can often feel overwhelmed by the amount of change it requires to get out of a rut but just starting is a great start already. Understand that it’s a process and it doesn’t need to be done in one day.