Sometimes the smallest changes make the most impact. If you start making these small changes you life will change and move in the direction of your dreams and goals. Decembers is always a brilliant time of the year to take a step back, reanalyze, change things, and just reevaluate your entire life.

After lots of coffee this morning I decided I wanted to chat about a few small things that can completely change your life. These small things have changed my life. How often do we focus on the big things and feel like we can’t change anything but when you just focus on the small things great things tend to happen?

Stop complaining and appreciate how lucky you are

I often have to stop myself in my tracks when I find myself harping on the things that aren’t going right in my life. I’ve learned to stop focusing on the negative so much and focus more on everything I have in my life such as the roof over my head, my car, and my family, etc. Appreciate what you have right now because there is someone out there that is wishing for what you have at this very moment. When you find yourself focusing on the negative instead of the positive, stop for a second and think about everything you have right now that you are thankful for. Mention them out loud so you can focus on them. This is a small simple method that completely changes my mood when I’m feeling negative and down.

Cut yourself off from the people and things that bring bad energy into your life

In 2019 I want you to make a rule for yourself. Get rid of all the people that are constantly negative towards you and that are bringing you down constantly. This includes things. Whatever it may be, cut it out of your life. Surround yourself with people that build you up and that make you want to step up. Can I just have a quick boasting session quickly, my friend Amy(yes the one I drink wine with) is the most inspiring and motivated person I know! If I need a pick me up she is the person I call and we meet up to motivate each other and lift each other. She gets me excited about my goals and gives me that boost of motivation that I was needing. Find yourself a friend like Amy and lean on them(boasting done, thank you). One thing to remember is the company you keep is incredibly important. If you are going to surround yourself with constantly negative people then you will be negative so instead surround yourself with people that inspire you and motivate you. Your thinking and life will change. Just watch.

Commit to the goals you want to achieve and keep going

Have you thought about the goals you are wanting to achieve in the year to come? Take 5 minutes in the last couple of days of December and write down at least 5 things you want to achieve in 2019. They can be as big as traveling the world, buying a house or they can be smaller goals such as working out 3 times a week. No matter what it is, taking the time to write them down makes it more real, exciting, and possible. I know it can be scary as well but sometimes the greatest things come from when we are really scared of doing something. Being uncomfortable and scared forces us to leap of faith we have been putting off for so long. And that’s when great things happen.

Don’t let your mistakes get you down

Can I just say, we all make mistakes? I know it sucks but that’s why there is wine(just kidding). Mistakes are apart of life. Its something we cannot avoid but we can learn from them. Start looking at mistakes as life pushing you in the right direction, a better direction. I am a full believer of ”everything happens for a reason” and sometimes when we make a mistake it’s life-giving us a sign that we need to change direction. If you change the way you see mistakes your entire life will change.

Take care of yourself mentally and physically

You have probably heard this so many times but on a serious note, taking care of your mental and physical health is so important. Right now I have eaten so much junk(Its Christmas) that I am feeling so sluggish and bloated it’s ridiculous. I know I need to get back into taking care of myself. My body is my vessel and I need to take care of properly to have enough energy to achieve the things I want to achieve in life. My mental health is just as important. Journaling and meditating is an important part of my day that helps me get each day started on a good note. Find what works for you and start taking care of yourself better.

You are in charge of your life and you are the writer of your own story. Surround yourself with great people, work hard, appreciate what you have, and take care of yourself.