How do you feel about uncomfortable situations? Just the thought of being in an uncomfortable situation makes you feel uncomfortable, but with the necessary tools and these quick and easy tips, they will help you get comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Life happens, and life is going to place you in some uncomfortable situations in the future, but with confidence and enthusiasm, you can handle uncomfortable situations in the most comfortable way possible.

Often we think too much about an uncomfortable situation. The moment we are in one, we have endless thoughts running through our minds, trying to find a way to make the uncomfortable situation comfortable. If you are open to learning how to get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation or finding the tools that will help you get by an uncomfortable situation, continue reading.

Just relax and don’t overthink

We all do this, the moment we are in an awkward and uncomfortable situation, we start overthinking. We try to think of every way possible to make the situation bearable. When you find yourself stuck doing this, take a deep breath, and slow yourself down. Stop overthinking and calm your thoughts. Eventually, the uncomfortable situation will be over, and that’s the most important thing to focus on.

Remind yourself of who you are

Be comfortable with yourself and remind yourself of who you are. Confidence is key, and embracing that confidence and allowing it to shine through will help with those uncomfortable situations. Have you ever wondered how some people handle uncomfortable situations so well? It’s because they are confident.

When in doubt ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions to take the pressure of things. When you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, there tends to be that awkward silence that no one knows how to get out of but, by asking questions, it keeps the conversation going, takes the pressure off, and makes the uncomfortable situations a lot more comfortable.

Smile, Smile Smile

When you hit that awkward silence, and you are ready to use the tool of asking questions, make sure you smile. It’s easier to break that uncomfortable feeling when you are smiling, appearing open and kind. Maybe the person on the other end is feeling just as uncomfortable, and they have no idea how to move past this feeling, but with a kind smile and using the question tools it eases up the situation completely. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Don’t be afraid of uncomfortable situations. Yes, they aren’t the easiest but, they will teach you how to handle yourself and get yourself out of comfortable situations when need be. Another great thing is that they also force personal growth, which is always a bonus. Life happens, and life likes to hit us with curveballs now and then to force growth, learn to embrace it, and enjoy the ride.