Why is it that as women we always feel guilty for choosing ourselves? This could be as simple as taking yourself out on a date or taking the day off work for a personal day. No matter what it is, women have been proven to always feel bad and guilty for choosing themselves. It’s almost like we feel we are letting those around us down if we decide we are worthy to be chosen by ourselves instead of giving that time and energy to everyone around us.

Truth is, there is nothing wrong with taking the time to choose yourself and care for yourself. Choosing yourself should be something you do daily and is something that needs to become normal to you because if you aren’t running at your full capacity, how are you meant to care for your loved ones and those around you?

Sometimes choosing yourself can mean you are stepping away from what no longer serves you or walking away from a relationship that you are no longer happy in. Choosing yourself does not have to be a drastic, huge move. It can be simple but so effective and so magical.

Remove yourself from people and things that no longer serve you

There is nothing wrong with removing yourself from people that no longer serve you or make your feel happy and wanted. If you find yourself surrounded by people that only make you feel unwelcome, it’s time to move away and care for yourself. Make it a rule to surround yourself with those that love you, support you, and make you feel wanted and loved.

Do not be afraid to take time for yourself every now and then

There is something magical when a woman decides her company alone is more than enough and spending time alone with yourself is something, we should all do more of. Take yourself out on a date. Go to a stunning restaurant, ordering a crisp glass of wine, and enjoy spending that time alone. We live in an age that requires us to be on the go and always surrounded by people, so when you decide to spend time with yourself, you force yourself to get to know yourself better, and a woman that is on the edge of change is a woman that knows herself well.

Never let the opinions of others get you down

People are always going to have an opinion on your life, your decisions, and your plans. They may not always agree with them but, that is not for you to worry about. Choosing yourself means allowing others to have their opinion but not allowing it to rattle you and your dreams. What is impossible for them is not necessarily impossible for you, and that is something you need to remind yourself of daily.

Not every failure is a failure

We are all going to receive that dreaded ‘’no’’ now and then because sometimes the universe has bigger plans for us than we have for ourselves, and women on the edge of change know that when something doesn’t work out, there is a reason for it and something better is on its way. By choosing yourself, you are acknowledging that life is taking you in a different direction. A better direction and it is something you should embrace.

Ladies never underestimate yourself, the magic that lies within you, and the universes plan for you. Even though many may not agree with your plans, if you know deep down in your heart that this is the right move for you then remain steadfast in your plans and never let the opinions of others rattle you.