We are stuck in an age where almost everything has become instant. You post something, and not even seconds later, you receive a like, a comment, or a new follower. You order something online and no longer wait a week, its either at your doorstep the same day or the next. Our generation has become impatient and because of this, we think success is instantaneous as well.  It’s not. Success takes hard work, time, passion, and a lot of hustle. It’s not as simple as hitting publish, and you’re automatically successful. Believe me, if it were that simple, it would not be as rewarding.

If there is one thing, I have learned from reading tons of books such as Girl Code, How to be an Overnight Success or Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins is that success takes time. It takes grit, belief in yourself, and a willingness to carry on even when you have no one cheering you on from behind.

You can be hustling day and night for 1000 days, and on the 1001 day, your big break could happen. That could be your time to shine and everything you worked towards pays off, and from then, it’s only onwards and upwards. But the hard part is pushing through the days where you lack motivation, you struggle with your mindset, or you have the urge to give up because you haven’t seen any results.

Those are the important days, and those are the days that you need to push through and work even harder. Nothing ever comes easy. Nothing ever worth having comes easy, and sometimes those tough days are life’s way of challenging you and making you stronger.

When you find yourself grinding, hustling, and working but feel like you are gaining no tractions, remind yourself of your end goal. Remind yourself of why you are doing something and keep reminding yourself of that until you get yourself out of that limiting mindset.

I always recommend referring to a mentor you look up to or reading a quote that always seems to lift your spirits and inspires you on days you find yourself struggling. No matter what it is, find your thing, and use that as fuel on the days you need a pick me up.

Nothing is impossible. No dream is too big to achieve, and you could be one day away from your big break. Never allow yourself to quit because the moment that big break happens, you will thank yourself later for never allowing yourself to give up.